MGA Entertainment (MGA) and Daewon Media announced they have signed a multi-year, worldwide agreement for MGA to develop, produce, and distribute a new video series based on the hit series from Daewon, “Armored Saurus,” that mixes visual effects (VFX) and live action. In addition to distribution rights (outside of South Korea, Japan, and China), the deal includes toy and merchandising rights. The global launch of the newly re-imagined brand, content, and product is projected for 2024 in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

A 2021 South Korean television series developed by Daewon Media, “Armored Saurus” is the story of armored dinosaurs with mechanical powers and their trained pilots who fight against extraterrestrial invaders that are set on destroying Earth. Season one of the re-envisioned series is planned to be 13 half-hour episodes and will include updates to the existing VFX and live action as well as updated storylines to appeal to a global audience.