November 9, 2016 (1/8) Daihatsu Releases New Thor and Thor Custom, Compact Passenger Vehicle - A compact-first vehicle ideally suited to the daily lives of child-raising families -

Thor G "SAII" Thor Custom G turbo "SAII"

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "Daihatsu") will launch the new Thor compact passenger vehicle nationwide from Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

In developing the Thor*1, Daihatsu incorporated the expertise it acquired by producing mini vehicles into the space model of compact cars and aimed to create "a compact-first car that is ideally suited to the daily lives of child-raising families" with the primary concept of "connection with the family." By applying the packaging technology developed for mini vehicles, Daihatsu achieved a relaxed interior space while retaining compact external dimensions and good maneuverability at the same level as mini vehicles. While envisaging family usage situations, Daihatsu arranged the seats and designed the cargo area to enable a variety of scenarios to be accommodated. With attention to usability, Daihatsu utilized plenty of thoughtful, family-friendly equipment such as a rotary cup holder, a large assist grip for getting in and out (with child grip), and a TFT color multi-information display. By utilizing a newly developed 1.0 L turbo-charged engine in addition to a highly rigid body and D Suspension to which the knowledge acquired in producing the Move mini vehicle was applied, Daihatsu achieved a high level of basic performance, enabling the Thor to be used for holiday outings. The Thor is a vehicle that brings a smile to customers' faces in a variety of family usage situations.

In the market for compact cars, demand for which will continue to increase, Daihatsu seeks to increase the level of overall compact cars based on mini vehicles by applying the strengths of mini vehicles it has cultivated (technology developed for mini vehicles and products satisfying the needs of users and focusing on daily living) to compact cars.

The main features offered by the Thor and the Thor Custom are as follows:

  1. Relaxed interior space and good maneuverability

  2. Cargo area and seats that can accommodate multiple scenarios

  3. Family-friendly devices and thoughtful equipment

  4. Enjoyable driving and a sense of keeping the family safe

  5. Exterior providing both dynamism and a tremendous impact

    *1: Thor is made up of the meanings "a partner who is powerful and reliable" derived from Thor in Scandinavian mythology and "tall," which is pronounced the same, expressing a tall wagon in a new category.

    Sales Outline

    Target Monthly Sales: 1,000 units

    Unveiling Exhibition: Saturday, December 3 - Sunday, December 4

    Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Prices

    [Thor (including consumption tax)]





    Mileage (km/L) JC08


    Price (yen)

    Tax Reduction Level


    NA *2





    Tax Reduction *4


















    G "SAII"







    G turbo "SAII"

    TC *3




    Custom G








    Custom G "SAII"







    Custom G turbo






    *2: Naturally aspirated engine

    *3: Turbo-charged engine

    : Pictured vehicle

    *4: 60% reduction in automobile acquisition tax and 50% reduction in automobile weight tax as of November 9, 2016

    *In Hokkaido, prices are 23,760 yen higher. Prices do not include recycling costs.

    Vehicle Outline
    1. Relaxed interior space and good maneuverability

      Packaging that achieves a relaxed interior space despite compact external dimensions

      • By applying the packaging technology developed for mini vehicles, both exterior dimensions with good maneuverability and a relaxed interior space are achieved.

      • Good maneuverability with a short overall length of 3,700 mm*5 and a minimum turning radius

        of 4.6 m *6, which is equivalent to that of mini vehicles.

      • Thanks to the glass area that provides good visibility of the vehicle surroundings and A-pillars that ensure driving visibility, extensive forward visibility from the driver's seat is ensured.

      • Spacious rear seat space by providing a distance of 1,105 mm between the front and rear passengers.

      • The low floor with a front seat step height of 348 mm and a hip point of 700 mm offers ease of getting in and out.

      • Equipped with electric powered sliding doors on both sides that can be opened or closed with a one-touch operation (equipped with a one-touch open function and pre-lock function)*7. Also equipped with other functions with a focus on safety, including a catching prevention function and a child protection function.

        *5: 3,725 mm for the Thor Custom.

        *6: For 14-inch wheels. For 15-inch wheels, it is 4.7 m.

        *7: For the X "SA II" and the X, they are provided only on the passenger's side. For the other grades, they are provided on both the driver's and passenger's sides as standard.

    2. Cargo area and seats that can accommodate multiple scenarios

      Seats and a spacious cargo area that accommodate a variety of scenarios

      • Easy access to the rear seats is possible with the use of the front seat walk-through, which is achieved thanks to the spacious interior width.

      • The sliding distance of the rear seats is 240 mm. When the rear seats are slid back, five people and five travel bags (four in the case of carry-on suitcases*8) can be accommodated.

      • The reclining angle of the rear seats is set at 70° to make short naps possible. The rear seats are equipped with a tray-type side trim pocket and bottle holder.

      • When the rear seats are folded flat, the length of the cargo area exceeds 1,500 mm, enabling long objects to be accommodated.

      • Has a multi-functional trunk floor (with a dirt-resistant sheet) that increases the loading ability of the cargo area, and is equipped with a two-step trunk floor. By flipping up or inverting the trunk floor, it is possible to load a variety of objects such as a bicycle or a stroller.

        In addition, due to the dirt-resistant sheet, a bicycle can be loaded without getting the rear seat backs dirty. Any dirt on the dirt-resistant sheet and trunk floor can be easily removed.

      • The low cargo area floor and wide tailgate opening allow the easy loading and unloading of luggage.

    3. *8: For a suitcase of height 55 cm x width 40 cm x depth 25 cm.

      1. Family-friendly devices and thoughtful equipment

        Equipped with convenient, safe equipment with attention to ease of use

        • Provided with multiple storage areas (Pocketerior) that utilize space based on the knowledge acquired in producing mini vehicles.

        • Both the driver's seat and the passenger's seat are equipped with a rotary cup holder. These can accommodate anything from a smartphone to a plastic bottle or drink container (500 ml or 1 L).

        • Equipped with a large instrument panel center box with a capacity of 5 L (removable). It can be used as a storage box or a trash can.

        • Equipped with a large assist grip for getting in and out (with child grip), enabling anyone from a child to an adult to get in and out easily.

        • The powered sliding doors*9 that can be easily opened and closed with an electric control are

          safe and easy to use with a catching prevention function during opening and closing and a pre-lock function.

        • Equipped with a step lamp that illuminates in conjunction with the powered sliding door. It illuminates the feet brightly, meaning that passengers can get in and out safely at night and in dark places.

        • The driver's seat and the passenger's seat are both equipped with a seat-back table*10. A 500

          ml drink container can be placed on it, and it is convenient for a snack. Shopping bags can be hooked onto the shopping hooks located on both sides.

        • The illumination pack *11, which is a manufacturer's option, provides lamps in a variety of

        locations inside the vehicle, such as the foot area where light does not easily reach and the walk-through area. It improves usability and assists with night driving.

        *9: For the X "SA II" and X, they are provided only on the passenger's side. For the other grades, they are provided on both the driver's and passenger's sides as standard.

        *10: Manufacturer's option

        *11: Manufacturer's option for all vehicles except the X "SA II" and the X

        Equipped with a 4.2-inch TFT color multi-information display

        • The 4.2-inch TFT color multi-information display is located in the upper center of the instrument panel, ensuring good visibility*12.

        • Various screens such as failure and warning information, clock, calendar, and anniversaries can be selected using the steering switch.

        • For the screen display, character mode, which provides a sense of fun, can be selected in addition to normal mode.

          *12: All vehicles except the X "SA II" and the X include this equipment as standard.

          • Panorama monitor

        • Daihatsu utilizes a panorama monitor, which comes in handy while parking and at intersections with poor visibility*13. By projecting the view in all directions around the vehicle through cameras positioned at four points, a video with a top-down view is displayed on the multi-information display*14.

          *13: Manufacturer's option

          *14: If a dealer's optional navigation system is installed, it is displayed on the navigation screen.

      2. Enjoyable driving and a sense of keeping the family safe

        • Achieves smooth acceleration through optimized control tailored to vehicle characteristics -

          Newly developed 1.0 L turbo-charged engine that generates torque equivalent to the 1.5 L class

          • Equipped with a 1.0 L turbo-charged engine that meets both driving and fuel consumption requirements.

          • Traffic merging and overtaking is easy, and stress-free driving is possible even on an expressway.

          • Torque equivalent to the 1.5 L class (140 Nm) is generated at rotations from 2,400 to 4,000.

          • The steering switch includes a sport mode that provides an excellent response to the accelerator operation.

            1.0 L engine with improved ease of handling in the city

          • Smooth acceleration by using a low gear setting in the final reduction ratio.

          • Powerful acceleration performance during acceleration and uphill driving by altering the throttle valve control depending on the degree of accelerator pedal opening.

            Fuel efficient

          • Achieves fuel efficient performance of 24.6 km/L*15 for the 2WD vehicle, 22.0 km/L*16 for the 4WD vehicle, and 21.8 km/L*17 for the 2WD turbo-charged engine mounted vehicle, making them eligible for eco-car tax reductions.

            *15: 2WD vehicle; mileage when running in JC08 mode. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism review value.

            *16: 4WD vehicle; mileage when running in JC08 mode. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism review value.

            *17: 2WD turbo-charged engine mounted vehicle; mileage when running in JC08 mode. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism review value.

            • Equipped with a 1 L engine, an idling prevention function before stopping the vehicle, a resin body, optimized CVT control, high performance spark plugs, and low-friction engine oil.

            • Reduces running resistance with aerodynamic door mirrors that control the wind flow, a roof spoiler, aero wipers, and an aerodynamic hood hinge cover.

        • Achieves safe handling stability and good ride comfort from the city to the expressway -

          High-rigidity body

          • Equipped with a high-rigidity body made possible by the optimized arrangement of reinforcing members and a body frame with an optimized shape and thickness.

            Excellent ride comfort and handling stability without making the high vehicle height and large tailgate opening noticeable.

            D Suspension that achieves even ride comfort

          • For stability during straightforward driving at high speeds and rolling control while steering, the suspension is tuned by utilizing the knowledge acquired in producing the Move mini passenger vehicle. All vehicles are equipped with a front stabilizer as standard, and higher performance vehicles with a turbo-charged engine are equipped with a rear stabilizer, achieving a stable vehicle body.

          • Improves ease of steering at low speeds and the perception of responsiveness and steering linearity at medium and high speeds. The sense of security that the vehicle is moving according to the driver's wishes results in reduced stress.

        • Achieves a level of quietness that makes it possible to enjoy conversations even during high speed driving -

          Improved quietness by reviewing NV performance

          1. Noise reduction by taking measures against noise sources

            Improved noise sources and reduced noise by changing the structure of the radiator fan and air conditioner compressor.

          2. Improved sound insulation performance by minimizing the gaps and openings in the body panel.

            Sound outside the vehicle is eliminated by filling the gaps between the inner panels and side outer panels with foam material. In addition, interior incident sound is eliminated by reducing the area of the dash panel and body water drainage hole. Exterior noise is reduced by utilizing a large engine cover and hood silencer.

          3. Reduced amount of noise from the body by taking measures against vibration Achieved through the integral structure of the dash panel and cowl and a thick plate

            structure. By improving rigidity through extending the bead shape on the rear floor panel, the vibration of the body is minimized and noise from the body is reduced.

          4. Use of sound-absorbing material

            Improved sound-absorbing ability of the hood silencer and dash panel outer silencer, and sound-absorbing material installed at the back of the A-pillar garnishes.

            Crash safety performance equivalent to a five-star rating, the top JNCAP ranking

            - Vehicles equipped with SRS side airbags (driver's seat and passenger's seat) and SRS curtain shield airbags (front and rear seats) and rear seatbelt pretensioners and force limiter mechanisms (right and left seats)*18 in addition to TAF, a crash-safe body, and SOFI, a passenger-friendly safe interior, have achieved high safety performance equivalent to a

            five-star rating, the top ranking in JNCAP's new safety performance comprehensive evaluation (values measured in-house).

            *18: Manufacturer's option

            Enhances the safety and security equipment by utilizing Smart Assist II for all grades

            • Equipped with Smart Assist II, a crash avoidance system. Through a combination of cameras, laser radar, and sonar sensors, if a heightened risk of collision at the front of the vehicle is detected, hazard avoidance assistance is provided through emergency braking. In addition, the system also alerts the driver if the risk of collision with pedestrians is heightened, a warning is provided in the event of the risk of lane divergence and the system also prevents sudden forward and backward lurches due to the mistaken depression of the accelerator and brake pedals.

            • Equipped with cruise control*19 that enables driving at a constant speed without depressing

              the accelerator pedal. This contributes to load reduction when driving for long periods.

            • All vehicles are equipped with a seat belt reminder warning lamp (all seats).

            • Prevents the vehicle from reversing when starting on an uphill slope by deploying the hill hold system.

            • Equipped with an emergency stop signal that functions as follows: If the brake is depressed strongly while driving at 60 km/h or more, the hazard lamps will automatically blink at high speed when the brake lamps are lit to alert the following vehicle.

            • All vehicles are equipped with automatic lights as standard.

              *19: All vehicles except the X "SA II" and the X are equipped with this equipment as standard.

        • Compact, but looks big!

        • Design with magnificent presence

          • Design concept: Little Giant -

            Exterior design providing both dynamism and a tremendous impact

          • Has two front designs with very different characteristics for the Thor and the Thor Custom.

            Presents a front view with a tremendous impact using styling unique to compact cars, expressing dynamism and making a solid impression.

          • Dynamism is presented by the glass area extending in a longitudinal direction that highlights the length of the cabin and the character lines stretching straight from the front to the side and up rearward that feature a saber motif.

          • The rear style has uneven, bold 3D styling that matches the sides of the body and makes a dynamic impression.

          • In terms of the rear lamps, it is equipped with an LED rear lamp of block line luminescence (Thor) and a 3D LED rear lamp using the virtual image of the clear lens (extra-clear lamp) (Thor Custom). Expresses a strong presence and high quality.

          • Equipped with a large light-guiding LED high mount stop lamp. It provides excellent visibility from the rear and also contributes to its stylish appearance.

          • Dynamism is expressed by the design featuring a long, narrow lamp grille, an under-grille with large openings, and the appearance of the lower part of the bumper, which looks like a shark fin.

          • A wide impression and presence is presented with vertically long LED rear combination lamps of block line luminescence.

          • A solid plated grille and the LED headlamps express gorgeousness, and the LED fog lamps and front spoiler, which are the same color as the body, express solid power.

          • The stereoscopic LED rear combination lamps and plated grille provide additional dignity and gorgeousness.

            Interior design pursuing a wide impression and a functional high-tech image

          • Expresses functionality and a wide impression through the structure of linear lines and flat surfaces and a horizontally extending instrument panel.

          • For the instruments arranged in front of the driver's seat, a shape that offers a commanding view is achieved by lowering the hood height.

          • The instrument panel, meter cluster, and door trims are decorated with leather, using stitching to express a soft texture and exude high quality.

          • In the Thor, orange is used as an accent color, and the interior is designed to provide warmth, high quality, and calmness. It is equipped with embossed seats that express a functional image.

          • In the Thor Custom, the interior is designed so that the tech blue and silver decorations, which show up against the black interior, provide a futuristic impression. It is equipped with attractive water-repellent seats.

            Extensive color options

          • The color range includes both powerful, deep colors and cheerful, bright colors.

          • Two very bright colors that are rich in novelty value and highlight changes in color and shade (imperial gold crystal metallic, laser blue crystal gloss) have been added.

          • The color can be selected from a total of fourteen colors according to personal preference, with five two-tone*20 specification colors and nine monotone colors available.

          *20: Two-tone colors are exclusive to the Thor Custom.

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