That was the message from two of the world's top consumer goods companies on Thursday (February 22).

Nestle and Danone said they would slow price rises in 2024 after two years of hikes.

The packaged goods industry has hit shoppers with higher price tags for more than two years.

It blamed rises in input costs that started with the health crisis, and were made worse by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Everything from sunflower oil to freight has become more expensive and hit global supply chains.

It's also fuelled a cost of living crisis.

Analysts have raised concerns that companies are pushing price rises too far.

It's a move which has led consumers towards cheaper private label brands made by retailers.

Nestle expects slower organic sales growth of around 4% this year due to lower pricing.

Danone - the maker of Evian water and Activia yogurt - warned prices would still go up.

The French food company said it needed to offset labor costs and shipping prices.

Both Nestle and Danone's comments follow those of rival Unilever.

This month, the Ben and Jerry's maker also said price rises would start to ease.