Ceridian HCM Holding Inc. announced Dayforce Co-Pilot, a new suite of Dayforce features powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Dayforce Co-Pilot transforms work by automating repetitive tasks and serving as a hyper-personalized guide for employees. The announcement was made at INSIGHTS 2023, the company?s annual customer conference being held in Las Vegas and livestreamed online.

Thousands of attendees are engaging in sessions and experiences centered on helping them drive success with ?A Brand New Dayforce,? the conference?s theme. At the conference, the company also announced plans to unify its brand to Dayforce, expected to become effective in January 2024.

Today?s new, boundless workforce has accelerated organizational complexity, challenging businesses to achieve quantifiable value, productivity, and simplicity at scale ? all within an ever-changing, borderless, and always-on environment. To navigate this complexity crisis, leaders need to harness AI-driven intelligence to unlock more value with advanced automation, enable faster decision making, and enhance people potential with a human-centered approach to innovation.

According to a recent Harris Poll survey commissioned by Ceridian, nearly three quarters of American employees (72%) hope AI will allow them to do more of the work they enjoy by automating the tasks that they do not. Ceridian has been infusing generative AI and natural language processing ? ethically, equitably, and transparently ?

into nearly every aspect of Dayforce, including innovations like Dayforce Skills Engine and Dayforce Career Explorer. Ceridian?s new AI teammate, Dayforce Co-Pilot, further extends Ceridian?s proven and trusted leadership, while taking bold steps into the AI frontier. How Dayforce Co-Pilot enhances the Dayforce experience: Dayforce Talent: To accelerate workplace productivity, employees need to lean into the power of Dayforce Co-Pilot?s natural language processing and generative AI to automate routine tasks, including writing job descriptions, building personalised learning paths, and generating performance reviews.

Dayforce HR Service Delivery: When employees need help finding answers to their complex HR-related questions, Dayforce HR Service Delivery taps into Dayforce Co-Pilot to generate suggested answers based on the corporate knowledge base, and auto-create an HR service ticket when additional assistance is needed ? all while it self-learns along the way. Dayforce Autonomous Payroll: Dayforce Co-Pilot supercharges Dayforce Autonomous Pay and strengthens Ceridian?s leadership in payroll and workforce management.

It helps reduce operational risk and errors by finding and resolving anomalies in the data ? before payroll is even run. Dayforce Co-Pilot will begin to be available to Dayforce customers in 2024.