Andreas reports on his Flexible Internship at Deutsche Telekom and how he got there. As a member of a large team, his internship allowed him to continue his training as an Agilist and he is now also involved in organizing the kreati case study competition, having previously participated as a contestant several times.

I would like to welcome today's guest, Andreas. Andreas is an intern at Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH. Andreas, could you start by telling us why you chose this unit for your Flexible Internship?

Andreas: I first stumbled across this unit by accident. During the preliminary round of the kreati case study competition with my VWI (German association of industrial engineers) university group in spring 2018, I discovered Deutsche Telekom in Aachen. A member of my team had already completed a Flexible Internship at Deutsche Telekom and was enthusing about the experience. I was particularly attracted by the agile approach to work. When the time came, I too applied for a Flexible Internship. This brief encounter at a student competition led to a network of contacts which made my entry into a Flexikum at Deutsche Telekom much easier.

Great story! You mentioned the kreati case study competition. Can you tell our readers a bit about what it is and who the contestants are?

Andreas: Kreati is a nationwide case study competition. In each round, the teams (of 3 or 4 people) work through case studies, and the winners are awarded the prestigious title of 'Germany's most promising industrial engineers'. Deutsche Telekom has been the main sponsor of this competition since 2019 and also provides some of the expert jurors.

The 12 preliminary rounds were held online in April and May. The final takes place in the fall, but the preparations will begin in a few weeks' time.

Let's go back to the internship. What are your duties?

Andreas: As well as some 'special assignments', my main duties fall into two categories: Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and kreati 2021.

SAFe: I help my colleague Carsten to prepare, execute and follow-up training courses relating to his role as a SAFe Program Consultant. While doing this, I also completed my training as a fully qualified 'Certified SAFe 5 Agilist' and 'Certified SAFe Scrum Master.' I work on a range of tasks relating to SAFe, such as preparing educational games or translating a teaching video for framework updates.

kreati 2021: This year, Deutsche Telekom IT is once again the main sponsor of the kreati case study competition, so we have plenty of organizational work. Within our team, we are responsible for internal and external communications and making preparations for the preliminary and final rounds. I am hands-on in all of these areas. I attend the weekly synchronization sessions for the entire Deutsche Telekom organizational team as well as those for the VWI project leaders. As part of the preliminary round task force, I also helped to develop the case study for that round.

What will you take away from your experience here when you return to university?

Andreas: As well as a sound knowledge of general agile techniques, my main takeaway will be the agile mindset and working methods within the Scaled Agile Framework. I also learned the importance of teamwork and regular brainstorming. To achieve something truly great, every member of the team needs to be on the same page.

And I discovered that Deutsche Telekom offers a huge range of opportunities as an employer. With the right mindset and the desire to keep learning and improving, you can achieve just about anything you set your mind to at Deutsche Telekom.

Do you have any other tips for students interested in an internshipor flexible intership at Telekom?

Andreas: Go for it! It is such a valuable experience. At Deutsche Telekom, interns are not just there to print documents and make coffee; you can get really involved in something that interests you. You will need to work hard and show commitment, but it's worth it. Your personal and professional development is guaranteed, and any skills you do not yet have can be learned. So be brave, take the first step, and apply for an internship at Deutsche Telekom. Trust me, your future self will thank you!


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