ROUNDUP: Apple developer conference begins - AI announcements expected

CUPERTINO - Apple is expected to make an advance in artificial intelligence at the WWDC developer conference on Monday (from 19:00 CEST). According to media reports, technology from ChatGPT inventor OpenAI will be used in addition to functions developed in-house. The innovations could include the possibility of having AI create new emojis when typing a text, wrote the financial service Bloomberg. "It's going to be a big deal," said CEO Tim Cook about the WWDC plans at a meeting with young programmers on Sunday.

Deutsche Telekom expands majority stake in T-Mobile US

FRANKFURT - Deutsche Telekom has increased its stake in its subsidiary T-Mobile US. The DAX-listed company bought around 6.7 million T-Mobile shares for 99.51 US dollars (92.51 euros) each from the Japanese Softbank group, as Deutsche Telekom announced on Monday. Before the weekend, T-Mobile shares were trading at 179.82 dollars in the USA at the close of trading - Deutsche Telekom therefore had to pay around 45 percent less for the shares. The reason: Deutsche Telekom used the remaining options that had already been negotiated with Softbank in 2020 for the purchase.

Cartel office gives green light for Berlin to buy apartments

BERLIN - Two state-owned companies in Berlin are allowed to buy large housing and property portfolios from real estate group Vonovia. The Federal Cartel Office has approved the planned acquisition. This was announced by the Cartel Office on Monday. "In Berlin, around 22 percent of the approximately 1.7 million rental apartments are now in the hands of the state," argued Bundeskartellamt President Andreas Mundt. "However, the state of Berlin's plan to acquire around 4,500 apartments from Vonovia, primarily in the district of Lichtenberg, does not raise any competition concerns."

Vodafone wants to improve 5G mobile network - competition is further ahead

DÜSSELDORF - Telecommunications provider Vodafone wants to further expand its 5G mobile network in Germany. Around 92 percent of German households are currently within range of Vodafone's 5G antennas and this figure is set to rise to 95 percent by March 2025 at the latest, Vodafone's Head of Germany Marcel de Groot told dpa in Düsseldorf. "At the same time, we are equipping our existing mobile stations with additional capacity."

Cable TV survey: Many customers want to jump ship from July

BERLIN - According to a study, the new billing regulations for cable television due to come into force in July will probably result in a massive migration of customers to other TV transmission channels. In the latest "Screens in Motion" survey conducted by Burda Verlag, almost 2,000 people were asked whether they could imagine doing without "traditional", sometimes fee-based TV transmission channels and replacing them with streaming services or apps on their smart TV: 40 percent answered yes this year. In the previous year, the figure was 31%. In 2022, 33% answered yes in the representative online study.

Microsoft better secures new search function after criticism

REDMOND - Following criticism from IT security researchers, Microsoft is making changes to a new function designed to improve searches on Windows PCs with the help of AI. The program, called "Recall", takes screen recordings every few seconds. The software recognizes what can be seen in these screenshots - and users can search for it later. After the announcement, experts criticized the fact that attackers were able to gain access to the data in the first version of the function.

International Air Show ILA ends - Almost 100,000 visitors

SCHÖNEFELD - The International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) on the grounds of the capital's BER airport in Schonefeld has attracted around 95,000 visitors. "We are very satisfied with this year's ILA. There was a great deal of interest from politicians," said a Messe Berlin spokesperson on Sunday. The tickets for the private audience sold out quickly. Around 600 exhibitors from more than 30 countries had been showcasing their innovations at the industry trade fair since Wednesday.

Adidas boss Gulden accuses DFB of lack of communication

DÜSSELDORF - Adidas boss Bjorn Gulden has criticized the German Football Association's approach to the change of kit supplier. "I would have liked to have had a discussion with the DFB," the 59-year-old told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" following the association's switch to the American sporting goods group Nike. The company had only been able to make a one-off offer. There was no further opportunity to negotiate afterwards, said Gulden. This is unusual in the industry.


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