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FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Deutsche Telekom has increased its stake in its subsidiary T-Mobile US. The DAX-listed company bought around 6.7 million T-Mobile shares for 99.51 US dollars (92.51 euros) each from the Japanese Softbank group, as Deutsche Telekom announced on Monday. Before the weekend, T-Mobile shares were trading at 179.82 dollars in the USA at the close of trading - Deutsche Telekom therefore had to pay around 45 percent less for the shares. The reason: Deutsche Telekom used the remaining options that had already been negotiated with Softbank in 2020 for the purchase.

The price of USD 101.46 per share set in 2020 was reduced by the dividend payments from T-Mobile. The stake now acquired corresponds to around 0.6 percent of the US subsidiary./niw/mis