DHL Group managed to gain 1% in Frankfurt, despite the publication by the mail and logistics group of annual EPS down 17% to 0.63 euros and operating profit (EBIT) down 20% to 1.31 billion, but still above pre-pandemic levels.

At almost €20.3 billion, revenues were down 3.2% in "an unusually long phase of weak global business dynamics", an environment that has led the German group to focus on managing its costs and capacities.

Despite all the challenges, 2024 is a year of opportunities", says CEO Tobias Meyer, pointing to the continuing high demand for omnishoring and e-commerce solutions, as well as customers' increasing focus on sustainable logistics.

Anticipating 'a more positive global economic dynamic in the second half of the year', DHL confirms that it is targeting an operating profit of between six and 6.6 billion euros for the year 2024, and between 7.5 and 8.5 billion for 2026.

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