(MT Newswires) -- Oskar de Bok, CEO of DHL Supply Chain, highlights the impact of shipping delays on supply chain management. Faced with these challenges, DHL helps its customers find alternative modes of transport, including air freight and intermodal solutions, to get goods to market. De Bok stresses the importance of diversifying sources of supply so as not to be dependent on a single source for strategic parts or products.
De Bok also notes that companies are diversifying their sources of supply to reduce risk, anticipating that problems in the Red Sea could persist. Regions such as Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Brazil are benefiting from this trend, with increasing investment in these countries.
De Bok predicts a shortage of warehouses due to a slowdown in the construction of new infrastructure and growing demand for sites close to cities.
Finally, De Bok points out that DHL is investing in robotic solutions to address both labour shortages and increased work volumes.

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