High-powered 5G data connections empower hybrid working

Hybrid Working, where employees work from a mix of the office and home, is here to stay. It is accepted that there is no going back to the work model that prevailed before the pandemic.

Are unmanaged, shared, home-internet connections the weakest link in the hybrid workforce strategy?

Hybrid working is only as successful as the strength and power of the data link that connects employees to networks. Organisations have heavily invested in IT infrastructure for communication and collaboration to drive hybrid working into the future. However, without a dedicated, secure, manageable and high-quality internet connection, the benefit of that IT investment can't be fully realised.

The requirement for IT Managers to provide the always on, always connected, always accessible workspace introduces many challenges when managing 'work from home (WFH)' networks.

Challenges of managing WFH networks

Lack of network visibility- IT Managers cannot see what is happening on each home connection through to the edge

Managing Connections- IT Managers don't have the ability to manage or control their WFH networks which are currently made up of hundreds of blind connections.

Securing information- with no control over WFH network connections, it becomes very difficult to fully secure information and control the information going over the network.

Quality of Service- with hundreds of separate third-party connections, it is impossible to control or guarantee the quality of the connection. There is no ability for the manager of the network to prioritise the service, meaning a senior executive who needs to remotely present a keynote address could be competing with their child who is playing Fortnite.

5G Wireless Networking - the Hybrid WFH solution of the future

5G wireless networking from Inseego is the ideal hybrid work from home solution for home offices. Empower companies most valuable asset, their people with a managed 5G WFH network that provides;

  • Full visibility - Inseego Connect provides full visibility of extended wireless networks for hybrid workers
  • Managed connections - Inseego Connect delivers enterprise-grade management for all connected devices
  • Secured connections - a dedicated, secure, manageable and high-quality internet connection to control the information going over that network
  • Quality of service (QoS) - connections that are private, secured and where the quality of service can be guaranteed
What is the Inseego 5G Hybrid Working Solution? Who is Inseego

Inseego is an industry leader in smart device-to-cloud solutions that extend the 5G network edge, enabling broader 5G coverage, multi-gigabit data speeds, low latency and strong security to deliver highly reliable internet access.

Designed and developed in the USA, Inseego has a broad portfolio of connectivity and SaaS solutions to provide the highest quality wireless connectivity for enterprise, small business, government and consumer customers. Together with carriage providers, Inseego is transforming the mobile landscape with 5G innovations and breakthroughs.


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