HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Digital Development Group Corp., ("DIDG") (OTCBB: DIDG), operating as The Movie and Music Network, the Hollywood, California-based online content provider today announced unaudited revenues and expenses for 2014. CEO Martin Greenwald discusses the company's results.

"Revenues rose to $110,483 from $60, 311 in 2013. Even though the numbers are not significant, this is about the direction of the company and clearly we have begun a period of growth."

"We're proud of our expense containment efforts. For 2013 our operational expenses were $4,942,160 and for 2014 approximately $2,185,104, that's over a 55% decrease from 2013. Profitability is the product of increasing revenues and managing expenses. On that front, I am delighted with our results. We will continue to monitor all of our costs and follow our corporate creed of working harder and working smarter."

The company began the new year by signing an exclusive agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Greenwald continued to explain, "2015 could be a breakout year. We continue to be excited about the upcoming launch of Miracle Stream, our adult streaming website. This new site will feature classic adult programming and the most current new releases from the best adult entertainment companies. DIDG is confident that expanding into the adult market should positively impact revenues. Miracle Stream, which launches at the end of next month, will have a strong social media footprint. The adult industry consistently grows worldwide, with an estimated viewing audience of 25 percent of the web. We possess worldwide rights for this programming. We believe this positions us well for this launch. Globally, we trust we can penetrate new markets that, to date, have not had access to this content. We regard this as a huge positive for this new initiative."

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