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Managers TitleAgeSince
Founder 59 03-09-17
Chief Executive Officer 48 15-11-29
Founder 61 03-09-17
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Founder 61 03-09-17
Director/Board Member 51 15-04-28
Chief Investment Officer 57 13-09-30
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Digital Magics SpA is an Italy-based investment company engaged in the financial sector. The Company specializes in the provision of investment in early-stage and high-potential companies. The Company's business activities are focused on providing long-term financial capital and advisory services to the digital start-ups enterprises with growth opportunities. Digital Magics SpA supports in the search of private and public investors, both Italian and foreign, to fund the next development stages. The Company provides early-stage enterprises with mentorship, financial, administrative, strategic, logistic, technological, marketing and communication services, as well as business management support, among others. The Company's clients portfolio includes 4W Marketplace Srl, Premium Store Srl, Jumpin Srl and Wazzap Srl, among others. It operates through LiveXtention Srl, which focuses on the digital marketing agency business line.
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