The first financial startup for investors and for those seeking personal loans launches a new version, thanks to the support of the enterprise incubator Digital Magics, to meet the demands of Italians for new financial services that are accessible and available to all

Milan, June 23, 2014 - Prestiamoci - the first and only Italian financial startup that runs a web platform for lending between private individuals - is now online with its new website. On, people who want to invest money are put in contact with anyone who wants to get a loan, for example to restructure an apartment, buy a car, organize a marriage or pay for an education.

The development of Prestiamoci - which has also relaunched its business model - is supported by Digital Magics, an enterprise incubator for start-ups listed on AIM Italy, which is supporting the founders of the start-up firm in relation to the digital technology and strategic aspects.

Prestiamoci is an innovative start-up that combines the world of the sharing economythat is typical of the web with the rules of the banking system. Investing in the profitable personal lending market is no longer the exclusive domain of the banks, it is becoming accessible to everyone. On the new website, in an easy, fast and transparent way, investors can lend capital to personal borrowers, and likewise those who are in need of a loan can apply for one.

There are over 450 registered lenders who have invested through Prestiamoci.  360 loans for a total of more than €1.7 million[i] have been advanced. The average loan is for Euro 5,000.

Authorized by the Bank of Italy, Prestiamoci uses professionals who are experts in the field and offers selected loans to lenders - who want to invest capital and earn money -; while it offers loan applicants interest rates that are lower than the market. The objective is to obtain a yield greater than 6% per annum for all lenders.

The investment through the Prestiamoci platform can be done in two ways:

  1. Manually, the lender will be provided with detailed information (duration, rate, purpose, credit rating, presence of other debts), in order to choose completely independently.
  2. Fully automatic process, delegating the choice of loans to the platform in order to get the desired yield.

Investors with Prestiamoci provide a capital sum that is divided into units. In this way, all lenders diversify their choices, reducing their risk and optimising their investment. On, it is very easy for an investor to achieve a diversification over at least 100 loans, with a limited investment.

 "Personal loans have always existed, today with Prestiamoci the credit management that is typical of a bank is combined with the speed and features of the digital age" said Michele Novelli, partner in Digital Magics and CEO of Prestiamoci. "Thanks to our startup, even people who before would never have thought of asking for a loan or investing in loans can now do so. Prestiamoci is a tool for obtaining liquidity easily, an alternative to the bank with obvious efficiencies and cost savings".

"With the investments we have made, we have aligned Prestiamoci with the transparency and functionality of the models that are having most success in the world and, in particular, in the U.S., while paying close attention to the specific characteristics of the loan market in Italy", states Daniele Loro, chairman of Prestiamoci, "We want to work with responsibility in a market of great interest, by virtue of the innovativeness of our business in a regulated industry. Talks will continue with national institutions and what is happening in other countries confirms the need to build a solid operating platform for the analysis of requests for financing and the degree of diversification and the management of risks, especially in this new phase of Prestiamoci".

Prestiamoci -

Is the leading platform for loans between individuals in Italy. A trademark of Agatha SpA, a company registered as a financial intermediary. Approved in 2009 by the Bank of Italy, Prestiamoci aims to develop the market for loans between people (P2P) that allows investors to lend money to individuals and companies. Prestiamoci facilitates the making of the loan while providing only a portion of the total financing.

For further information:

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[i] Based on the loans already granted and those being processed.

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