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Business Summary

Distell Group Holdings Limited is the South African leader in the production and marketing of beverages. The activity organized around 2 product families:

- alcoholic beverages: wine, spirits and cider (Amarula, Autumm Harvest Crackling, Bisquit, Drostdy-Hof, Hunter's, JC Le Roux, Klipdrift, Nederburg, Pearl Perlé, Richelieu, Savanna, Scotiish Leader, Sedwick's Old Brown, Three Ships, Viceroy, 4th Street brands, etc.);

- non-alcoholic beverages: carbonated beverages and mineral water (Bernini, Esprit, Hunters Extreme and Klipdrift brands).

Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: South Africa (72.7%), Africa (9.9%), Europe (7.3%) and other (10.1%).


Managers TitleAgeSince
Corporate Officer/Principal - 1993
General Counsel - 2022
Corporate Secretary 42 2011

Members of the board

Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Chairman 56 2011
Director/Board Member 72 2007
Director/Board Member 65 1999
Director/Board Member 73 2010
Director/Board Member 68 2014
Director/Board Member 47 2004

Company contact information

Distell Group Holdings Ltd.


7600, Stellenbosch


address Distell Group Holdings Limited(DSTJ)


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