Small business owners face a wide array of challenges, and while technology can mitigate some of them, there is no denying that it also creates some of those pressures.  E-commerce has shifted the way consumers shop and spend money, and advanced technologies in the mobile space have been used to great effect by large enterprises to capture and retain customers.  One of the great challenges - and great opportunities - for technology providers is to make  all the power and efficiency of cloud and mobile technologies accessible to the SMB.  This is our focus here at DCT with the launch of SimpleScan and SimpleECM.

According to a survey by Microsoft, 79% of small businesses agreed that technology can make work more enjoyable. Significantly, that number is even higher among cloud users - and SMBs are enthusiastic cloud adopters.  Web based productivity tools really do make you more productive, but a large percentage of SMBs still identify integration of services as a major challenge.  Anyone who has tried to make two business applications work together can relate.

SimpleScan provides document management as an integrated part of the cloud services you already use.  Connecting it with your cloud storage or productivity application is really as simple as a few mouse clicks.  We couldn't be more excited about announcing its availability today, and we have a lot more in store for the next few months. 

SimpleScan has the SimpleECM platform as its foundation.  SimpleECM offers capture device vendors, application developers, and integrators APIs for building document management and capture solutions which integrate with cloud services in critical business functions like accounting and POS. 

We look forward to sharing more information not only on our products, but on the growing market of productivity tools for small business owners. Look for tips, tricks, commentary and ideas for small businesses on how to use cloud services as a strategic asset to help your business thrive.

Welcome to our blog. Thank you from all of us at DCT.

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