(MT Newswires) -- DoorDash CFO Ravi Inukonda announces that 2023 has been a transformative year for the company with significant growth and improved profitability, tripling its adjusted EBITDA compared to 2022. DoorDash has become a daily habit for many users, who order from more categories and in over 30 countries.
The company has seen a record increase in the number of users and the frequency of orders, with 37 million consumers ordering every month. Consumer demand remains strong and supply is well stocked, enabling DoorDash to continue to grow and improve profitability. Their services platform, which includes software for merchants, is performing well, and DoorDash intends to continue to innovate in its existing markets, including introducing grocery to many international markets.
The company operates in three main segments: restaurants, grocery and international, each worth around $1,000bn and with high growth potential. DoorDash is striving to add more categories and selections while making the product more affordable and high quality, which they believe will continue to attract more users and increase order frequency, leading to greater productivity.

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