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Dynatrace : Managed release notes version 1.232

01/17/2022 | 11:55am EDT

These release notes relate to Dynatrace Managed specific changes. To learn about general Dynatrace changes included in this Dynatrace Managed release, see:

New features and enhancements

  • Log Monitoring API v2 response change: each element's value in the structure is now an array of strings rather than just a string.
  • The Service-level objectives (SLO) wizard has been redesigned:
    • All input fields are on one page with three expandable sections to define an SLO.
    • A new preview section enables you to test the definition iteratively against actual values before creating the SLO.
  • Removed seven-day preview from create/edit custom event for alerting pages.
  • Redesigned "Maintenance windows" page to take advantage of Settings 2.0.
  • Custom service detection settings have been moved to Settings > Service detection in preparation for Settings 2.0 conversion of rule-based service detection settings.
  • The application Health check page (from the application overview page, select More () > Health check) now has a checklist to quickly highlight configuration-induced issues that could prevent RUM data from being received.
  • The display ID of a problem is now sent as an additional property for ServiceNow event notifications in the field .
  • Creating an SLO, if you are not an admin, now requires adding the proper management zone filter in the entity selector, where you have to add a management zone for which you have write access. If you do not have tenant-wide permissions, you can access the SLO settings page and see the SLOs that belong to management zones to which you have access, and you can can edit the SLOs that belong to management zones to which you have write access.
  • Dynatrace Hub recommendations added to Kubernetes details page for OpenShift clusters.
  • On the Service-level objectives page, the Actions > Edit SLO entry has been renamed SLO definition. It opens the corresponding SLO on the Service-level objective definitions page, where you can view or edit the SLO definition (depending on your permissions).
  • Improved load time of Dynatrace Managed web UI in case of problems with connection to Mission Control.
  • Calculated app, log, and service metrics now consume Davis data units (Metrics pool).
  • Dynatrace Community related settings are renamed to Support resources and live chat.

Log Monitoring v2 support for Dynatrace Managed

With Dynatrace Managed version 1.228, the new version of Log Monitoring is available. You can enable Log monitoring v2 using cluster API. See Enable Log Monitoring for details.

The following Dynatrace components are required to fully benefit from the Log Monitoring v2 :

  • Dynatrace Managed version 1.232+
  • Dynatrace OneAgent version 1.217+

With Log Monitoring v2 , you have a new way to:

Resolved issues

General Availability (Build 1.232.96)

The 1.232 GA release contains 76 resolved issues (including 4 vulnerability resolutions).


  • Vulnerability: In response to CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046, applied the recommended mitigation measures of removing `org/apache/logging/log4j/core/lookup/JndiLookup.class` from the Log4j library. (APM-342160)
  • Vulnerability: In response to CVE-2021-44832, CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046, applied the recommended mitigation measures of updating the log4j library to the latest version 2.17.1. In Premium HA installations log4j update will take place in near future. (APM-345946)
  • Vulnerability: In response to CVE-2021-44228 (Log4j vulnerability), JVM parameters have been extended for Dynatrace Server and Elasticsearch. (APM-341605)
  • Vulnerability: Updated log4j in Elasticsearch client to version 2.17.1. (APM-345471)
  • Added REST API endpoint that can be called to set new cluster log events per minute limit based on available resources. (APM-341433)
  • Navigation to "Kubernetes workloads" page now correctly handles clusters with special characters in the name. (APM-334030)
  • Removed "Access tokens" entry from the Dynatrace menu for users who don't have sufficient permissions. (APM-335213)
  • Process group monitoring overrides now work correctly for new settings. (APM-337269)
  • Geolocation lookup problem related to IPv6 addresses has been corrected. (APM-332776)
  • Resolved issue causing high CPU load on cluster and partly missing host unit calculation. (APM-337680)
  • Improved auto-detection of 1st-party resources. (APM-333042)
  • Improved the vulnerabilities table to resolve issue in which details could not be viewed for some security problems. (CASP-11916)
  • "Server overloaded" popup message no longer displayed on larger deployments. (APM-339014)
  • Display name change of metric dimension is now correctly propagated to "Metrics" and "Data explorer" pages. (APM-333774)
  • Improved cluster detection in root cause analysis. (APM-332992)
  • User session date-related filters now yield correct query results. (APM-329731)
  • "Data explorer" metric selector list no longer persists after browser back button is selected. (APM-331871)
  • Improved validation to prevent pinning "Problems" tile to dashboard when filters are invalid. (APM-333569)
  • Resolved issue causing server error during fetch of dashboard tile data. (APM-331846)
  • Corrected inconsistency between tags in ServiceNow event notifications and tags of the event when the tags changed on the affected entity of the event after event creation. (APM-332637)
  • False-positive monitoring alerts caused by internal communication timeouts have been eliminated. (APM-337001)
  • Fixed an issue with the active in-memory event limit (expected limit not reached). (APM-329683)
  • Kubernetes workload and pod details pages no longer crash when user doesn't have `View logs` permission. (APM-337632)
  • Improved baselining alert sensitivity for Settings 2.0 configurations to ensure appropriate alerting. (APM-341879)
  • Split time series are now aggregated on autogenerated charts on unified analysis page. (APM-340244)
  • Log queries using comparison operators like `<` and `>` are now correctly rejected as unsupported. (APM-329649)
  • Disabled extension preview on big tenants (over 1,000 PROCESS_GROUPS) to avoid performance issues. (APM-333310)
  • Resolved issue that prevented filtering "Node analysis" page with key-only labels. (APM-334323)
  • The "Log query table" dashboard tile now supports multi-slice search API calls. (APM-325844)
  • Restored support for CentOS Stream 8. (APM-341686)
  • Capitalized filter values are now correctly parsed. (APM-338476)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented updating Session Replay privacy settings from REST API. (APM-345827)
  • "Data explorer" time formatting improved to show days. (APM-333920)
  • Fixed an issue in which the Client IP of an AWS Lambda invoked via API Gateway and monitored with OneAgent for AWS Lambda (Python, Node, Java) was additionally redundantly displayed as proxy IP. (APM-325810)
  • Azure VMs that are monitoring candidates are now labeled "no OneAgent" on the Azure region and scale set pages. (APM-323431)
  • Disabled sorting on "Kubernetes workloads" page, "Pods" column, when the shown entity limit is reached. (APM-334052)
  • Fixed occasional inconsistency between filtering by OneAgent version running on hosts and the value displayed for hosts on the "Deployment status" page. (APM-336403)
  • Corrected spelling of entity technologies `IBM_WEBSPHERE_APPLICATION_SERVER` and `IBM_WEBSPHERE_LIBERTY`. (APM-338245)
  • Removed the "Show all process groups" button in the "Affected Process Groups" pane of the "Security overview" page. (CASP-12511)
  • Improved performance of Kubernetes cluster details page when Events API v2 is enabled. (APM-335805)
  • Resolved issue in which custom metrics created in the last 10 seconds of a minute and data written in those 10 seconds could return different data for minute resolution than for higher resolutions after 1 or more hours. (APM-335710)
  • Timeframe selector for "Data explorer" now working correctly. (APM-340320)
  • When a request filter is active on browser monitor multidimensional analysis, text is displayed during calculated metric creation to warn that the request filter is ignored for the created metric. (APM-335916)
  • Improved messaging for access token generation when user has insufficient permissions. (APM-338100)
  • Fixed a bug with the setting "Mask user actions (web applications only)" for browser extension injected applications. (APM-337861)
  • Corrected issue with tile threshold configuration in dashboards created using API. (APM-338146)
  • Legend on "Data explorer" pie chart visualization now correctly reacts to changes in "Show legend" setting. (APM-335899)
  • Date and time are now determined and displayed consistently across user sessions, session details, and user details pages. (APM-337538)
  • Added validation to prevent crashes in certain tables when they do not have a threshold configured. (APM-334768)
  • Custom services API - lack of `annotations` parameter no longer breaks validation. (APM-336854)
  • Improved behavior of color selector for "Data explorer" thresholds. (APM-337840)
  • Fixed issue that caused validation errors when using timeframe-based Problems API v2 endpoints in conjunction with certain relative UI timeframes. (APM-331590)
  • Navigating to a different browser monitor using the global search bar now properly reloads the new browser monitor details page. (APM-329912)
  • When opening a public dashboard link while already logged in, the dashboard's default management zone and timeframe are now respected. (APM-335500)
  • Adjusted wording of test results for "Problem notifications" integrations to state which type of notification was tested. (APM-336298)
  • Resolved issue that made problem details page inaccessible for affected problems. (APM-338039)
  • Fixed a display issue on the problem details page that truncated the linked problem text. (APM-330540)
  • Fixed an issue in which some users received "403 Forbidden" error on attempt to access Anomaly Detection pages. (APM-341698)
  • Resolved issue in "Data explorer" in which splitBy information was dropped when a filter condition was added to a query. (APM-332819)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a technical difficulties page for some users when submitting or cancelling problem feedback. (APM-330548)
  • Management zone rules can no longer be created via the REST API with an entity selector that would result in entity types that don't support management zones. (APM-334401)
  • Multidimensional analysis filter now allows multiple request attribute filters applied from dimension splitting. (APM-334220)
  • Corrected issue with process group monitoring overrides. (APM-339558)
  • Toggling "Show legend" for a table tile no longer removes thresholds. (APM-333052)
  • The OpenAPI documentation of the Dynatrace Events REST API v2 now includes the response structure of its ingest endpoint. (APM-333568)
  • Fixed an issue that caused reading of invalid container monitoring configuration in some cases. (APM-339100)
  • Resolved issue in which a user with only write settings permission for a management zone containing HTTP monitors couldn't duplicate a HTTP monitor via the synthetic list. (APM-337735)
  • Improved handling of preset dashboards in dashboard JSON editor: presets can now be edited by their non-admin owners in the editor, and an error message is now shown when a non-admin tries to publish or unpublish a preset in the editor. (APM-335491)
  • Resolved issue with enabling/disabling container monitoring for BPM, Containerd, CRI-O, and Winc. (APM-337609)
  • Fixed an issue in which the Kubernetes detail page crashed with a 403 status code for management zones users. (APM-341209)
  • Improved request error capturing with HTTP status codes. (APM-338028)

Cluster Management Console

  • Corrected proxy certificate import issue. (APM-341894)
  • Data ingested via Log Monitoring v2 is no longer included by default in backup to avoid overconsumption of resources. (APM-336489)
  • Resolved issue in which, when using REST API to modify permissions for a given group to selected environments and management zones, all of that group's other permissions were cleared for all environments and management zones. (APM-338188)
  • Resolved issue in which, if there was no configuration of permissions to management zones for a given user group, it was impossible to create this configuration via public REST API. (APM-339033)

Infrastructure monitoring solution

  • Unmounted/inaccessible VMware datastores no longer raise alerts about no free space left. (APM-333006)


Dynatrace Inc. published this content on 17 January 2022 and is solely responsible for the information contained therein. Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 17 January 2022 16:54:08 UTC.

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