(Alliance News) - Eagle Eye Solutions Group PLC on Thursday said that its new EagleAI system will "usher in the next generation of personalisation at scale".

The London-based software-as-a-service marketing solutions provider said that it will launch the product at the National Retail Federation's annual event in New York, taking place between January 13 and January 16.

EagleAI utilises machine-learning algorithms to compute large sets of customer data and create "uniquely personalised offers for customers". Eagle Eye developed EagleAI after acquiring Untie Nots, a Paris-based SaaS company, in January 2023. The company said that the system will help retailers "optimise promotional spending, increase return on investment, and enable true one-to-one engagement that ultimately drives loyalty".

Eagle Eye Chief Executive Officer Tim Mason said: "We believe that personalisation is the retail version of the golden rule - treating people as they would like to be treated - and with EagleAI, retailers can put this into practice in a real, scalable, efficient way."

Shares in Eagle Eye were up 0.2% at 510.80 pence each in London on Thursday afternoon.

By Hugh Cameron, Alliance News reporter

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