Eaton announced additional manufacturing investments of $85 million to meet surging utility demand for its solutions supporting essential electric grid infrastructure projects. Eaton will increase manufacturing capacity in Queretaro, Mexico, for line installation and protective equipment vital to undergrounding power lines and bolstering energy resilience. This latest Eaton manufacturing investment for utility customers brings the company's recent investments in North America to nearly $750 million.

Eaton is already increasing supplies of transformers and voltage regulators as well as electrical assemblies: switchgear, switchboards and circuit breakers. To increase supplies of its critical underground protective connectors, Eaton is creating approximately 300 new positions, expanding its manufacturing facility in Queretaro, as well as adding new injection presses and manufacturing equipment. Earlier this year, Eaton announced plans to increase U.S. manufacturing of other essential solutions for utility customers.

The company is doubling production capacity of its voltage regulators in Nacogdoches, Texas. Eaton is also investing in equipment to increase its manufacturing capacity for three-phase transformers in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In addition, Eaton has expanded manufacturing in Colorado of its solid dielectric switchgear, which provides utilities with environmentally friendly and robust protection for undergrounding distribution lines.