Eaton announced an exclusive global alliance with Traxen to sell, distribute, service, and provide installation support for their iQ-Cruise® system. This collaboration aims to support the commercial transportation industry by improving fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability while helping fleet profitability. Unlike existing available adaptive or predictive cruise control systems that work independently of each other, iQ-Cruise® integrates both functions in a single device and applies artificial intelligence (AI), to provide automatic, more natural speed control with significant fuel savings.

iQ-Cruise® works with automated manual transmissions, including the Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies portfolio of transmissions. A monthly subscription fee covers all hardware, installation support and regular software updates. Traxen's iQ-Cruise® system utilizes AI, advanced algorithms, GPS and high-definition 3D maps to determine the most fuel-efficient driving style for Class 8 commercial vehicles in real time.

While driving with the system engaged, it continuously monitors live data including traffic conditions, vehicle load, and terrain, utilizing its automated cruise control capabilities to optimize the vehicle's speed and acceleration/deceleration to maximize fuel efficiency. The Traxen iQ-Cruise® kit comes with an installation guide to instruct commercial vehicle service centers how to install the system. Once installed, users can activate the system through Traxen.