EHang Holdings Limited announced that EHang has successfully obtained the Production Certificate for its EH216-S passenger-carrying pilotless electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, which is the world's first PC granted in the global eVTOL industry. Following the obtaining of the Type Certificate and the Standard Airworthiness Certificate for the EH216-S, this remarkable achievement is another significant leap towards mass production for the eVTOL aircraft and the following commercial operations. The PC granting ceremony was held at the International Conference Center of Huangpu District, Guangzhou today.

Distinguished guests included Mr. Yinsong Xian, District Mayor of Huangpu District, Guangzhou; Mr. Wei Wang, Deputy Mayor of Yunfu City, Guangdong Province; Mr. Heyong Lin, Director of the Airworthiness Division of the Central-South Regional Administration of the CAAC; and Mr. Huazhi Hu, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EHang, among others. The PC is a critical certificate issued by the national aviation authority, the CAAC, to the aircraft manufacturer. Securing this certificate indicates that EHang has established a mass production quality management system that meets the CAAC?s airworthiness regulatory requirements, and the Company has been authorized for continued mass production.

It is also a robust assurance for the product quality produced by EHang. The mass production quality management system for the EH216-S encompasses raw materials, supplier management, production organization, production quality control, aircraft pre-delivery test, after-sales repair and maintenance, etc. The system establishes clear guidelines and documentation for every step in the production procedure, ensuring comprehensive traceability and safety control to guarantee that each aircraft and its components rolling off the production line are in strict compliance with the approved type design and safety requirements.

During the PC certification process, the review team of the Central-South Regional Administration of the CAAC conducted a comprehensive document review and on-site verification and validation from multiple perspectives of quality, production, testing and after-sales, based upon the Regulations on Certification of Civil Aviation Products and Parts (CCAR-21-R4), and the Production Approval and Supervision Procedures (AP-21-AA-2023-31). This included a strict and thorough assessment of EHang?s production capabilities and quality management system, including a total of 19 elements, such as organizational management, design documents control, personnel capabilities and qualifications, supplier management, production process control, inspection and testing, among others.