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Managers TitleAgeSince
Founder 55 2008
Chief Executive Officer 59 2008
Director of Finance/CFO 65 2008
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 59 2008
Director of Finance/CFO 65 2008
Founder 55 2008
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Elite Energies Inc. is focused on marketing energy saving, solar powered lighting products and green building material with manufacturing partners across the world. The Company offers a range of Solar and Lighting products, which include light emitting diode (LED) Solar Lighting System, LED Solar Garden Light and accessories. The Company's LED Solar Lighting System includes solar panels, solar light pole and battery housing, solar controller and driver, battery, controller features, and recharge discharge protection. Its LED Garden Lights are JRB1-30A/JRB1-60A/JRB1-90A and JRB1-30B/JRB1-60B/JRB1-90B. The Company offers Smart Controller Charging and Discharging battery. The Company has developed and implemented its sales channel through marketing arm Elite Designers Outlet (EDO) to sell its lighting products and building material. EDO is licensing the Company's brand and marketing strategy to entrepreneurs to join in as EDO operators.
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