(Alliance News) - European stock markets move lower on Thursday, taking a breather after their recent rally, as they await important key data, including Friday's U.S. employment report, while weighing a series of economic disclosures released earlier this week that point to a slowdown in the U.S. economy.

In addition, German industrial production unexpectedly fell 0.4 percent in October, marking the fifth consecutive monthly decline.

The FTSE Mib, thus, marks a contraction of 0.1 percent to 30,290.48.

In Europe, London's FTSE 100 is giving up 0.4 percent, Paris' CAC 40 is giving up 0.1 percent, and Frankfurt's DAX 40 is marking a contraction of 0.2 percent.

Among the smaller lists, the Mid-Cap is down 0.4 percent to 42,175.92, the Small-Cap is giving up 0.3 percent to 26,403.06, and Italy Growth is up 0.2 percent to 8,035.05.

On the main list of Piazza Affari, DiaSorin gives way, down 1.0 percent after closing ahead 5.2 percent last night.

Banca Monte dei Paschi gives ground with a 1.6% red and new price at EUR3.33. The stock during Wednesday's session updated its 52-week high at EUR3.44. Of note, Psquared Asset Management cut its short to 0.36 percent from 0.70 percent previously.

Sales also on STMicroelectronics, which marks a minus 1.1% and brings the price down to EUR44.09.

Among the bullish few, Enel is picking up 0.3%, bringing the price to EUR6.56 per share.

Recordati, on the other hand, is shedding 0.4 percent, giving ground after four sessions ended with a bullish candle.

On the Mid-Cap, Raiway advances 1.4%, in its third session on the bullish side.

Caltagirone, on the other hand, marks a plus 0.7 percent, after a 0.2 percent decline in the previous session.

Maire Tecnimont -- in the green by 0.3 percent -- reported Wednesday that its subsidiary Nextchem, through its subsidiary MyRechemical, which leads the Waste-to-Chemicals segment, has been selected by DG Fuels Louisiana to provide the Process Design Package for a SAF plant currently under development in St. James Parish, Louisiana, USA.

Salvatore Ferragamo, on the other hand, gives up 2.0 percent, after 0.9 percent green in the previous session.

The bottom is for Eurogroup Laminations, which retreats 2.9 percent, after a 0.5 percent loss in the eve.

On the Small-Cap, SIT pushes ahead with a 1.1 percent green, following up on yesterday's 4.0 percent greenhouse gain and bringing the weekly to mark a 39 percent gain.

High quarters also for Netweek, which moves up 3.2% to EUR0.13 per share.

Sales on Restart, cher marks minus 3.6% after two sessions closed in the green.

Unieuro, on the other hand, advances 0.3 percent, following a 0.3 percent red on eve. The company announced Monday that it had closed its acquisition of Covercare, a leading player in Italy in the cell phone repair services market as well as in air conditioner and boiler installation.

Among SMEs, boost on Allcore, which moves ahead 5.3 percent. High trading volume was recorded on the stock, with more than 70,500 pieces changed hands compared to an atre-month daily average of about 7,200.

Intred also did well, advancing 3.5 percent, positioning itself for the third bullish session.

Among the bearish, in a still uneventful list, Bellini Nautica gave up 3.7 percent to EUR1.30 per share, reversing a four-session bullish trend.

In New York on European night, the Dow Jones closed down 0.2 percent, the S&P gave up 0.4 percent, and the Nasdaq left 0.6 percent on the sidelines.

Among Asian exchanges The Nikkei closed down 1.8 percent, the Shanghai Composite down 0.1 percent, and the Hang Seng finished down 0.7 percent.

Among currencies, the euro changed hands at USD1.0779 against USD1.0785 recorded at Wednesday's European stock close while the pound is worth USD1.2580 from USD1.2586 last night.

Brent crude is worth USD74.92 per barrel versus USD74.46 per barrel at Wednesday's close. Gold, meanwhile, trades at USD2,032.23 an ounce from USD2,025.31 an ounce last night.

Thursday's macroeconomic calendar includes at 1100 CET, from the Eurozone - where the Eurogroup meeting will begin - the employment and GDP data. At 1730 CET, on the other hand, an auction of Treasury bills with 4- and 8-week maturities is scheduled.

At 1430 CET, from the US, coming in is the data on initial unemployment claims.

No special announcements are scheduled in the economic calendar for the Piazza Affari.

By Maurizio Carta, Alliance News senior reporter

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