Sept 28 (Reuters) - Dutch and British wholesale gas prices rose on Thursday morning amid some fresh delays and rescheduling of outages at Norwegian gas infrastructure.

The Dutch October contract gained 1.65 euros at 41.10 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) by 0836 GMT, while the November contract was 1.15 euros higher at 44.60 euros/MWh, according to LSEG data.

In the British market, the day-ahead contract rose by 1.25 pence to 101.50 pence per therm while the October contract was up 2.42 pence at 102.50 p/therm.

"It's up on Norway most likely," a trader said.

However, it was hard to find other bullish news, with the market focused on Norwegian exports and over-runs in the maintenance schedule, he added.

Piped Norwegian exports are nominated at 232 million cubic metres (mcm) on Wednesday, down 1 mcm from the previous day, according Norwegian infrastructure operator Gassco's data.

Early on Thursday, Gassco posted an unplanned 8.7 mcm/day outage at the Aasgard field, as well as several extended or rescheduled dates for planned work.

The few unplanned outages announced overnight roughly deprived Europe of 25 mcm/day, analysts at Engie EnergyScan said.

The expiry of the TTF October contract on the ICE exchange may also inject intraday volatility on the curve on Thursday, they added.

Meanwhile, National Gas, which is responsible for maintaining Britain's gas supplies, said on Thursday it expected to have sufficient supplies this winter.

Gas storages in Europe were last 95.2% full, Gas Infrastructure Europe data showed.

In the European carbon market, the benchmark contract fell by 0.09 euro to 82.20 euros a tonne. (Reporting by Nora Buli in Oslo; Editing by Nina Chestney)