MUNICH (dpa-AFX) - Households in Germany increased their electricity and gas consumption in 2023, in some cases significantly, according to an analysis by the comparison portal Check24. According to the study, people consumed 23.2 percent more gas and around 14 percent more electricity last year than in 2022. The average household's gas consumption rose to around 19,000 kilowatt hours per year (2022: 15,400 kWh) and electricity consumption to around 3,150 kilowatt hours per year (2022: 2,800 kWh).

According to the data, consumption thus returned to normal after falling significantly in 2022 in response to the high prices resulting from the energy crisis following the Russian attack on Ukraine. According to the data, consumers paid around eight percent less for electricity in 2023 than in 2022. 3500 kilowatt hours of electricity cost an average of 1383 euros in Germany (2022: 1509 euros). Gas prices fell by around 28 percent.

The data is not representative. They are based on an evaluation of all electricity and gas contracts concluded via Check24 in 2023 and the consumption values specified by the customers. Check24 did not disclose the exact number of contracts analyzed, but it is in the six-digit range for both electricity and gas, said a spokeswoman for the comparison portal.

According to the data, the consumption of gas and electricity has increased in all federal states. Households in Saxony consumed the most gas in 2023 with an average of 22,358 kilowatt hours, according to Check24. Hessian households used an average of 20,969 kilowatt hours, while the figure for Saarland was 20,599 kilowatt hours. Berlin households consumed the least gas at 14,339 kilowatt hours.

According to the analysis, Lower Saxony had the highest electricity consumption per household with an average of 3352 kilowatt hours. Households in Rhineland-Palatinate (3319 kWh) and Saarland (3296 kWh) also had high electricity consumption. According to the comparison portal, consumption was lowest in Berlin (2544 kWh) and Hamburg (2662 kWh)./agy/DP/zb