BRUNSBÜTTEL (dpa-AFX) - The transmission system operator Tennet plans to begin construction of a converter for the Suedlink power line in Brunsbüttel, Schleswig-Holstein, on Wednesday (10:00 a.m.). This converter will convert the alternating current produced by wind and hydropower farms into direct current in order to be able to transport it over long distances with low losses, the company announced in advance. At the end point in Leingarten (Heilbronn district) in Baden-Württemberg, the electricity will be converted back into alternating current and fed into the power grid.

The new converter will also help to stabilize the electricity grid by reacting flexibly to fluctuations in electricity demand and supply. The system should also be able to change the load flow direction. This means that the electricity can be transported from the north of Germany to the south as well as in the opposite direction.

According to Tennet, the second partial approval for the construction of the converter was granted by the State Office for the Environment in July 2023, which ultimately meant that approval for construction and operation was also granted. The aim of the SuedLink route, which is around 700 kilometers long, is to transport electricity from the wind energy areas in northern Germany to the south. The first electricity is scheduled to flow at the end of 2028. The route is being implemented by the companies Tennet and TransnetBW./xil/DP/mis