MUNICH (dpa-AFX) - In the dispute over the only roughly planned corridor for a new power line, Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger is ready for a meeting with Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left Party). "We are of course ready for any discussion. But in the end, neither Bavaria nor Thuringia will determine the exact route, but the planners at the Federal Network Agency, who will proceed according to a strict list of criteria," said the leader of the Free Voters on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting in Munich. He was responding to Ramelow's request for talks on the much-criticized power line known as P540, which, according to previous information, runs partly through southern Thuringia.

Aiwanger once again rejected Ramelow's criticism that Bavaria had planned the route without consultation with Thuringia: It was not his route that was able to go partly through Thuringia here, he said. "I say that so clearly and I did not plan this route, as Mr. Ramelow wants to blame me for, but it is simply a planning proposal from the Federal Network Agency." Furthermore, not only Bavaria would benefit from the construction of the line, but also Thuringia if Bavarian solar power were to flow to consumers via the line.

At the same time, Aiwanger pointed out that nobody knows exactly where the route will end up. "This is now a ruler line, a significant part of which is now also on Thuringian soil. Perhaps it will become clear during the detailed examination anyway that we would have to go a little further south and then, in some cases, be back in Bavaria," he emphasized. It is only clear that the power line runs directly along the Bavarian-Thuringian border. Nobody knew exactly whether the route would end up being "one kilometer over or one kilometer under". Ramelow should therefore "tone down a bit" in the debate.

In a letter to Prime Minister Markus Soder (CSU), Ramelow recently offered talks between government representatives from both neighboring countries. He hopes that there will be "a coordinated Thuringian-Bavarian approach", according to Ramelow's letter, which is available to the German Press Agency./had/DP/mis