ERFURT (dpa-AFX) - Thuringia is counting on talks with the Federal Network Agency in its dispute with Bavaria over a new power line project. The energy ministry in Erfurt assumes that there will be a new consultation with the federal states by the Federal Network Agency on newly submitted projects such as the P540 route, which runs partly through southern Thuringia, a ministry spokesperson said on Thursday in response to an inquiry in Erfurt.

From Thuringia's point of view, alternatives to the variant brought up for discussion by Bavaria should also be discussed. This could be a bundling requirement or the priority of line expansion over new construction.

"With "Bayern First" you don't reap electricity, but frustration and annoyance. At a time when citizens need reliable information on grid expansion and the energy and heating transition, this is not only bad form, but counterproductive," said Thuringia's Energy Minister Bernhard Stengele (Greens) according to the ministry.

All federal states have an interest in making progress together on clean energy supplies. And this was precisely the purpose of the procedures for drawing up the grid development plan and the subsequent inclusion of the identified requirements in the federal requirements plan. Bavaria cannot circumvent these procedures, said Stengele. "The planning of Germany's energy infrastructure is far too important to be made more difficult by unilateral advances."/red/DP/mis