ESSEN (dpa-AFX) - Germany's largest energy supplier and distribution network operator Eon has emphasized its claim to leadership in the energy transition. "We have the ambition to be a leading driver and shaper of the accelerated energy transition in Europe, the playmaker of the European energy transition," said Eon CEO Leonhard Birnbaum on Tuesday evening at the E-World energy trade fair in Essen. Eon is a company that is setting the course for the transition to a sustainable energy system with its grids and decarbonization solutions. "We are not just an energy transition company. We are the company that makes the energy transition possible," said Birnbaum.

Birnbaum referred to the importance of the electricity grids. "Over 95 percent of all renewable energy plants in Germany are connected to the distribution grid, a large proportion of which are connected to the Eon grid." Eon recently connected the one millionth plant to the grid. By 2030, a further six million new systems and decentralized consumers will have to be connected to the Eon grid. "The energy transition at Eon therefore means making huge investments in the infrastructure, the grids. They account for over 75 percent of our business."

According to its own information, Eon is one of the largest distribution grid operators in Europe with around 1.6 million kilometers of electricity and gas lines in nine European countries. In Germany, the company is the largest distribution network operator. Of the almost 1.9 million kilometers of electricity grid, Eon operates almost 700,000 kilometers. There are also 100,000 kilometers of gas network.

Energy transition and decarbonization - i.e. moving away from coal, oil and natural gas - are the key challenges, argued Birnbaum. Since Russia's attack on Ukraine, security of supply and affordability are once again at the center of the debate. "Energy can no longer be taken for granted." In these times, expectations of Eon as a supplier and European company are also changing. "Customers, investors and society are looking for someone who takes responsibility."

The company has changed its slogan in line with the newly formulated claim to leadership. It now reads: "It's on us". "Because I am deeply convinced that it really is up to us to get the new energy up and running and to become the playmakers of the energy transition," said the manager./tob/DP/jha