BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - FDP energy politicians have welcomed the agreement on a power plant strategy within the German government. FDP parliamentary group deputy Lukas Kohler told the German Press Agency in Berlin on Monday: "With the power plant strategy as a transition to a capacity mechanism, the coalition is setting the course for a secure, clean and cost-effective electricity system of the future." This would ensure that new gas-fired power plants could be financed quickly without the costs shooting through the roof.

During the negotiations, the FDP had primarily focused on limiting the costs for the state. Kohler said that the planned renunciation of expensive "lighthouse projects" such as pure hydrogen power plants made sense for cost reasons.

Michael Kruse, energy policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, said that the agreed capacity market guaranteed low costs and openness to technology. "This strengthens the security of supply in our electricity system and makes it possible to use a diverse range of climate-friendly capacities. From hydropower, biomass and CO2 storage in conventional power plants to hydrogen and geothermal energy, a lot is possible."

In general, the coalition wants to massively drive forward the expansion of renewable energies, especially from wind and solar, by 2030. With a capacity mechanism, power plant operators are to be remunerated for ensuring that their power plants are always ready for use and can step in when needed - so that they can earn money even at times when they are not producing electricity./hoe/DP/jha