BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - The CDU/CSU still sees many unanswered questions regarding the German government's agreement on a power plant strategy. The energy policy spokesman for the parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Andreas Jung, said on Monday that there were still announcements, more questions than answers and therefore still no clarity for investors. "The hanging game of the traffic light is jeopardizing climate targets, security of supply and Germany as a business location. In parallel to the expansion of renewable energies, we need new gas-fired power plants that can then be operated in a climate-neutral manner as soon as possible."

The CDU politician criticized the fact that the coalition with the traffic light coalition did not have the central answer: the financing of the new capacities remains unclear. There is also no clarity on the regional component. "We also need generation capacities in the strong industrial centers in the south."

After a long struggle, the German government had agreed on a strategy for the construction of hydrogen-capable gas-fired power plants. They are to start up when there is no wind and no sun./hoe/DP/men