EQT AB (publ) announced the nomination Committee for the Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2023 has been appointed based on the ownership structure as of 31 August 2022 and taking into consideration subsequent changes of the ownership structure that impact the composition of the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee consists of Jacob Wallenberg (Chairperson), appointed by Investor AB, Harry Klagsbrun, appointed by Bark Partners AB, Henrik Gade Jepsen, appointed by Alecta, Shireesh Vasupalli, appointed by Jean Eric Salata and Conni Jonsson, Chairperson of the Board of EQT AB. As of 22 November 2022, shareholders having appointed members to the Nomination Committee represented together approximately 38% of the voting rights for all shares of EQT AB.

The Annual Shareholders' Meeting of EQT AB will be held on 30 May 2023.