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Chief Executive Officer 42 Jan. 24
President - -
Chief Tech/Sci/R&D Officer - 22-12-31
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Director/Board Member 75 -
Director/Board Member 43 -
Chairman - -
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Eviation Aircraft Ltd, formerly RVB Holdings Ltd, is an Israel-based company, which focuses on the light aviation regional transportation field. The Company, through its subsidiary, Eviation Tech Ltd, focuses on developing and commercializing electric propulsion aviation. Eviation Tech Ltd seeks to develop and manufacture a light, electric passenger aircraft, which the Company refers to as the EViation Aircraft. It also focuses on providing supportive services required for an economically viable electric aircraft eco-system. The viable electric aircraft eco-system is intended to enable passengers to book an on demand flight. The EViation Aircraft includes technologies, such as Airframe design, Electric drive, Battery technology, Autonomous flight and sensing systems, Remote Ground Station Assistance and Control, Collision Avoidance and Remote Communication, as well as Auto Landing System.
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