Eviation Aircraft introduced the design for the executive cabin version of its Alice all-electric aircraft. The new six-passenger configuration boasts an elegant, refined and modern interior offering corporate travelers a luxurious and spacious cabin that redefines regional executive travel. The reinvented executive cabin features an innovative design that delivers superior passenger comfort and experience, featuring: A beautiful, fully equipped galley with lavatory and sink; The widest cabin in its class measuring a roomy 6 feet, 4 inches across; A conveniently placed wardrobe to stow jackets and other personal belongings; An easily accessible side panel at each seat with a foldable table, personal power outlet and USB slot; Unrivaled panoramic windows that are 22 inches high and 16.5 inches wide for a large in class experience; The large baggage compartment in its class at 100 cubic feet and a total baggage allowance of 850 pounds – spacious enough to accommodate skis, golfing equipment or bicycles. Less noisy by a factor of more than 100 during takeoff and cruise compared to its jet-fueled counterparts, Alice's cabin is ultra-quiet allowing passengers to converse or simply enjoy the view without disruption. The pressurized aircraft has a payload of 2,500 pounds and a range of 440 nautical miles. Alice in executive layout is a six-passenger, two-crew member aircraft, produces no carbon emissions, significantly reduces noise, and costs a fraction to operate per flight hour relative to its peers. The aircraft is powered by two magni650 electric propulsion units from magniX, the only flight proven electric propulsion systems at this scale. The advanced fly-by-wire system is made by Honeywell, the global market leader in avionics. The single-volume, high-energy density Alice battery energy system is made from currently available battery cells and technology. The system is not reliant on future advancements for flight. These proven technologies and design elements make it easy and reliable for pilots to seamlessly transition to flying the Alice and will create a superior passenger flying experience, accelerating the aircraft's path to market.