Exela Technologies, Inc. announced its collaboration with Microsoft to help Exela's customers leverage generative AI technologies on Microsoft Azure. The integration combines Exela technology with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, providing customers with access to OpenAI's advanced AI models with the security and enterprise promise of Azure. The collaboration with Microsoft, which will initially focus on India, will further strengthen Exela's previously announced AI initiatives.

By powering Exela's low-code platforms with a set of new generative AI capabilities, Exela's customers can expect to drive personalised engagement, optimized workflow automation and industry leading AI-decisioning capabilities. Exela will use generative AI to further enhance customer service for software products like DrySign, Digital Mailroom (DMR), XBP (Exchange for Bills and Payments) and PCH (the healthcare claims processing gateway). Additionally, generative AI will be used to speed up document lifecycle management, product systems development lifecycle and the analytics stack.

As stated previously, Exela is committed to using generative AI in a responsible and ethical way. There are a number of AI events planned for Exelarators to educate, demonstrate and highlight the benefits of this powerful platform that is already reshaping many enabled services. Exela looks forward to sharing the details of its participation in the AI evolution.