Experian has launched a free savings scan that identifies opportunities to save on eligible recurring bills and paid subscriptions. To run their Experian savings scan, consumers must be enrolled in a free or paid Experian membership and connect their bank and credit card accounts so that Experian can identify eligible bill payments and paid subscriptions. The feature presents potential savings opportunities to Experian members in minutes.

In addition to the benefit of seeing possible cost-savings with the savings scan, Experian free and paid members gain access to many other financial resources, including the Experian Boost®? feature, an auto insurance shopping service, credit card marketplace, credit education, and more. If consumers would like to take advantage of securing the potential savings hassle-free, they will need to be enrolled in an eligible paid Premium membership, and Experian experts will handle negotiating lower costs with eligible providers.

Experian will also cancel unwanted subscriptions, which are often-overlooked, as 42% of consumers say they forget how much they shell out for subscriptions they don't use. Now more than ever consumers are looking for ways to maximize their dollars. In fact, the Experian survey found that saving money earned the top spot as a New Year's goal for the first time in five years, while a third of responders aim to create a budget and 27% want to pay off a credit card entirely.