GameStop Raises $933 Million from Past Week of Stock Sales 

GameStop has completed the share offering it launched a week ago in the wake of a stock rally, saying it sold the maximum number of shares it had registered for $933.4 million in proceeds.

Eli Lilly to Spend $5.3 Billion to Make More Mounjaro, Zepbound 

The outlay to expand an Indiana production site, combined with a previous $3.7 billion commitment, is the largest manufacturing investment in company history.

Ozempic Slows Kidney Disease, Novo Nordisk Study Finds 

Novo Nordisk's Ozempic drug slows the progression of chronic kidney disease and cuts the risk of kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and death in patients with Type 2 diabetes, a long-term trial showed.

Norway's Oil Fund to Vote Against Exxon Mobil Amid Shareholder Rights Concern 

Norges Bank Investment Management has joined a growing list of shareholders to air their concerns over a lawsuit filed by Exxon Mobil against two sustainability investor groups.

Hoka Sales Show Just How Big a Problem Nike Really Has 

Hoka sales of $533 million jump 34% from the previous year. Deckers Outdoor tops fourth-quarter earnings estimates.

Nvidia Is Now Worth More Than Amazon and Tesla Combined 

After blowout earnings, the chip maker's market cap has surged to $2.59 trillion.

Lucid Group Is Cutting 6% of Its Workforce. The Stock Is Down. 

The electric-vehicle start-up says the job cuts are part of a restructuring plan to optimize its operating expenses.

Gildan Focus Now Turns to Growth With New Board, Former CEO's Expected Reinstatement 

The focus, analysts say, now turns to the Canadian clothing maker's ability to bring growth back from a period of stagnating demand and lift the stock out of its slump.

Workday earnings add to view that chip stocks trump software stocks now 

Workday's stock is falling as analysts wonder whether the recent guidance cut is the final one.

Elon Musk denies report SpaceX may sell some of its shares amid $200 billion valuation 

The aerospace company has "no need for additional capacity" and will buy back shares, said SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk.

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