F&C Investment Trust plc has agreed to issue fixed rate senior unsecured private placement notes in tranches of (i) 42 million principal with a 7 year tenor, at a coupon of 0.93%, (ii) £57 million principal with a 23 year tenor, at a coupon of 2.59%, (iii) £37 million principal with a 30 year tenor, at a coupon of 2.69%, and (iv) £20 million principal with a 40 year tenor, at a coupon of 2.72%. The funding date for the Notes is expected to be 27th June 2019. The purpose of this transaction is to obtain a mix of medium and long-dated fixed rate denominated financing, which is unsecured, at pricing levels that the Company considers to be highly attractive. This funding will also have the beneficial effect of achieving greater balance in the maturity profile of the Company's liabilities. There has been no change in the Company's policy on gearing. Net proceeds from the sale of the Notes will be used for the refinancing of existing indebtedness, investment and other general corporate purposes. The weighted average interest payable on the newly issued Notes will be under 2.3% and the weighted average interest on all structural borrowings following the transaction is expected to be approximately 2.5%.