Atto announced a strategic partnership with FICO for the UK market. This partnership will enable UK lenders to easily integrate Open Banking data into the credit scoring process. Atto and FICO are combining their expertise to deliver transaction-based scores that rank-order consumers?

risk by analysing up-to-date consumer-permissioned current account and tradeline transaction data. The combination of Atto's Open Banking technology and FICO?s rich heritage in transaction data analytics can provide lenders with predictive models built on Open Banking data for more targeted risk decisioning. Both companies have extensive experience with Open Banking data; FICO has built scoring models using Open Banking data for other markets since 2018.

The Atto Open Banking score, developed by FICO, can enable lenders to enhance their risk management strategies and drive greater efficiency in lending processes. By leveraging up-to-date Open Banking transaction insights, lenders can improve customer acquisition, manage portfolios to greater performance, and mitigate risks to achieve sustainable growth.