Fair Isaac Corporation announced that Premier Lending Inc. (Premier Lending) will become an early adopter of FICO®Score 10 T to enhance its non-conforming loan origination efforts as well as acquisitions of mortgage whole loans. Premier Lending will use FICO?s newest, most innovative, and most predictive scoring model to provide real-time evaluation to help value repurchased loans. Motivated by its desire to better serve its customers, Premier Lending is adopting FICO® Score 10 T to continue to drive the company?s innovation strategy forward and help make more homeownership dreams a reality.

FICO Score® 10 T provides even greater precision in making lending decisions. FICO Score 10 T can help lenders better manage credit risk and default rates when extending competitive credit offers to consumers. FICO Score 10 T can enable an increase in mortgage originations of up to 5% (without taking on additional credit risk) and reduce default risk and losses by up to 17%.

The increased predictive power of FICO Score 10 T can also help lenders project cash flow more accurately.