Fasadgruppen has entered into a cooperation agreement with Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB ("SEB") with the aim of developing a joint offer to tenant-owner associations that are going to energy renovate their properties.

The EU is shortly expected to decide on the final revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) with the ultimate goal to make the building sector climate neutral by 2050. As measures on the property's exterior can have a major impact on energy performance, Fasadgruppen and SEB see a joint opportunity to help tenant-owner associations to improve their properties and meet future energy requirements.

Fasadgruppen’s subsidiaries offer services such as additional insulation, window replacement and roof renovation, as well as the SmartFront method, which can improve the energy performance of properties by up to 70 percent. At the same time, SEB has recently launched energy improvement loans to make it easier for companies and tenant-owner associations to invest in building energy efficiency and renewable energy.

In parallel, Fasadgruppen and SEB have entered into a cooperation agreement with Indoor Energy, which focuses on energy improvement measures on the inside of buildings.

Stefan Forsberg, Product Manager SmartFront at Fasadgruppen said: “Buildings account for a significant part of Sweden's energy use, and we see an increasing interest from property owners in energy efficiency measures. Through the collaboration with SEB and Indoor, we can take a holistic approach that includes advisory, financing and project implementation in order to help tenant-owner associations that want to improve their energy performance.”

Anna Gustavsson, Manager Tenant-Owner Associations at SEB said: “We believe that sustainable finance is one of the key drivers of the transition to a sustainable society. By offering sustainability advice, products and services, we help our customers to make the transition and achieve their goals. In cooperation with Indoor Energy and Fasadgruppen, we can help our customers to move forward and realise their plans to live up to the goal communicated by the EU.”

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