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Sales 2021 0.25 Sales 2022 0.08 Capitalization 1.21B
Net income 2021 - Net income 2022 - EV / Sales 2021 4,892,180,778 x
Net cash position 2021 7.36K Net cash position 2022 9.06K EV / Sales 2022 14,755,601,312 x
P/E ratio 2021
-4,645 x
P/E ratio 2022
-4,593 x
Employees -
Yield 2021 *
Yield 2022
Free-Float 42.43%
More Fundamentals * Assessed data
Dynamic Chart
Managers TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 48 16-09-08
Director/Board Member 63 16-09-08
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 63 16-09-08
Chief Executive Officer 48 16-09-08
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Fellazo Corp. is an information technology-based company, which is engaged in mobile application development. The Company’s core business is healthcare and personal wellness products and related products, primarily bird-nest based, which include manufacturing and retail (retail chain and online). Its Raw bird-nest serves small and medium size processing factories in Malaysia, Its Clean bird-nest serves consumers, targeting Asian females between 18 and 65 years of age. Its YDP plus Y-Essence Personal Cleansing and Nourishing Facial products serves consumers, targeting Asian females between 23 and 65 years of age. The Company is also developing an online network platform to market and sell its products. The Company’s subsidiary is Fellazo Berhad.
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