Fiserv, Inc. is enabling restaurants to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience with the new Clover Kiosk and an enhanced 24" Clover Kitchen Display System. Designed to integrate with each other and additional Clover software and hardware, these solutions enable end-to-end order management with up to a 40% lower total cost of ownership than competitive offerings, based on a comparison of published prices. As customer expectations continue to shift, technologies like Clover Kiosk and Clover Kitchen Display System, which combine intuitive usability with robust, elegant design, are vital.

Kiosks free up front-of-house staff and can improve the customer experience with reduced wait times and increased order accuracy, encouraging repeat business and higher average ticket sizes. In combination with recent Kitchen Display System software enhancements, restaurants have complete control of menus, modifiers, and the lifecycle of an order. In addition to the newly launched Clover Kiosk, Fiserv has also enhanced its Clover Kitchen Display System, which allows orders to be accessed by back-of-house staff on a large, digital display, allowing seamless order fulfillment at food prep stations.

It enables notifications from third party-delivery apps for cancellations and order changes, coursed fulfillment, expo-mode, bump bar support, color-coded order status, and runner ticket printing - all with the goal of reducing order errors and increasing customer satisfaction. Clover Kitchen Display System is enhanced with a 24" screen, designed with larger kitchens in mind. The goal remains the same: connect front- and back-of-house staff allowing for seamless flow of all orders to food prep stations.

The Kitchen Display System streamlines all orders, sending both online and in-house orders to one screen, creating a more efficient process and enhancing a restaurant's ability to track key metrics. Built to integrate with other Clover software and hardware, the Clover Kitchen Display System automatically connects with Clover POS, Clover Online Ordering, and BentoBox and other online aggregators, for streamlined communication between front and back of house. Clover is a complete business management system enabling businesses to maximize their operating efficiencies, grow their customer base, and accept customer payments.

Businesses using Clover can accept payments of any type, including Apple Pay®?, Google Pay®?, Samsung Pay®?, contactless credit or debit cards, and other digital wallets. As a point-of-sale platform for merchants, Clover processes more than $272 billion in annualized payment volume.