Meaning announced its partnership with Five9. The collaboration will allow organizations to enrich the customer experience by overcoming language barriers through generative AI. With Meaning capabilities within the Five9 Agent Desktop, voices can be modified in real time to help facilitate seamless conversations between contact center agents and customers.

With the ability to adjust for visibility, agents can focus on driving expedient and positive customer outcomes, rather than struggling to overcome communication challenges. Meaning adds immediate value for any enterprise organization using off- or near-shore business process outsourcing (BPO) resources. The technology supports use cases from customer support, to business development resources (BDR), to sales.

By prioritizing understandability, customers experience improvements in key contact center metrics including average handle time, first call resolution, sales conversion, and churn. The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to engage with customers across their channel of choice, empower managers with insights and intelligence into contact center performance, and elevate your business to deliver better business outcomes and Bring Joy to CX?. its cloud-native, scalable, and secure platform includes contact center; omnichannel engagement; Workforce Engagement Management; extensibility through more than 1,450 partners; and innovative, practical AI, automation, and journey analytics that are embedded as part of the platform.

Five9 brings the power of people, technology, and partners to more than 2,500 organizations worldwide.