SuccessKPI, Inc. announced its partnership with Five9. SuccessKPI solutions are now available on the Five9 CX Marketplace, making it easy for businesses to integrate AI-powered analytics, real-time and historical reporting, and Playbook Builder, an automated action engine, with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. The economic benefits of migrating from on-premises solutions to the cloud are well known, and with SuccessKPI integrated with Five9, enterprise customers will benefit from blending structured and unstructured data in one place with pixel-perfect replications of the charts, reports and dashboards required to drive customer success.

Deriving insight from the context and language expressed in customer conversations across all channels are the keys to ensuring the right response is delivered at the right moment. SuccessKPI quality management allows supervisors to automate evaluations and tasks and provide self-directed coaching tools to turn every interaction into an opportunity. Customer experience has been integrated into enterprise operations to become a key performance metric of growth and retention.

Access to data throughout the customer journey provides value to contact center agents, supervisors and executive teams. With over 180 pre-built data connectors and the most popular CRM and CCaaS platforms, business insights just became actionable.