FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - Numerous flights have been canceled at Frankfurt Airport due to the severe onset of winter in the Rhine-Main region. On Monday, 161 take-offs and landings out of a total of 1031 scheduled flights were canceled, as the airport operator Fraport announced on Tuesday in response to an inquiry.

Due to the heavy snowfall, the runways at Germany's largest airport had to be cleared. In addition, numerous aircraft had to be de-iced, but this is part of the normal procedure in such weather conditions and, like the clearing, leads to delays in flight operations, as a spokesperson explained.

According to Fraport, all runways will be open again on Tuesday (today). However, due to the effects of the previous day's cancellations, around 100 of 1050 planned flights are expected to be canceled, the spokesman added. He recommended that air travelers should always check the status of their respective connections on their airline's portals before starting their journey./mba/DP/mis