Frasers Property's Inclusive Spaces inspires innovative senior-friendly urban ideas and intergenerational dialogue in the community

  • Initiative brings together students and senior citizens to co-create and reimagine ideas for spaces to promote bonding between generations and active ageing
  • Part of Frasers Property's progressive community investment efforts to create inspiring experiences by enhancing inclusivity, accessibility and adaptability of the built environment
  • Launch of social impact microsite with details on active ageing in Singapore and top Inclusive Spaces ideas to promote inclusion in real estate


Frasers Property Limited ("Frasers Property", and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), today unveiled three top winners with three supporting finalists for its community investment initiative, Inclusive Spaces. This year's Inclusive Spaces by Frasers Property focuses on active ageing as well as better intergenerational engagement in Singapore. Connecting young upper-primary and lower-secondary students, active senior citizens, youth facilitators and Frasers Property employee volunteers, the multi- generational teams came together to co-create and reimagine ideas for more inclusivity in real estate projects.

Graced by Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State for National Development, six teams across five primary and secondary schools were recognised for their outstanding ideas at the award showcase event.

Mr Chia Khong Shoong, Group Chief Corporate Officer, Frasers Property Limited, said: "This is our second edition of Inclusive Spaces, our flagship community investment programme developed as part of our commitment towards enhancing accessibility and adaptability of our spaces. Through this initiative, we hope to develop greater empathy in our youth and tap on their creative energy for ideas that make real estate spaces more inclusive for our Merdeka Generation. With a fast-greying society, having spaces and community initiatives that promote the well-being of our seniors is even more pressing. We are heartened by the innovative proposals from student participants, made possible by the open sharing and strong collaboration from active seniors, underlining the benefit of intergenerational dialogue."

He added: "As an organisation that promotes Design Thinking for its people-centric,problem-solving approach to innovation, we are glad to partner with social enterprise Design for Change Singapore (DFCsg) in bringing experiential, activity-based design learning to students. Aligned with our purpose of 'Inspiring experiences, creating places for good', we want to bring positive impact to the overall quality of life by offering enriching experiences through the places we build and operate."

Mrs Madhu Verma, Founder, DFCsg, said: "There are no barriers to age, race, educational level at Inclusive Spaces, which enables open and curious conversations amongst all generations. Participants ranging from the likes of 11-year-old Juliet Fanny Nikkila, 25-year-old youth mentor Bryan Wong Liang Chern, to our senior Anne Wong Holloway - everyone was engaged and contributed meaningfully. The younger participants were surprised to find seniors living actively and wanting purposeful lives, while seniors were amazed at children's understanding and interest to build a better world for them. Inclusive Spaces exemplifies DFCsg's belief that children are not too young to bring change to society. Give them opportunities because children are not only our future, but the now."

Three key areas - namely daily living, mental well-being and social living - were identified following an environmental scan on matters pertaining to active ageing in Singapore. In partnership with DFCsg, 22 teams comprising student participants were introduced to Design Thinking techniques through an intensive two-day Empactathon® (an abridged term for empathy, impact and hackathon) in June.


Each team comprised four to six upper primary or lower secondary school students, an active senior, a youth mentor from a tertiary institution and a Frasers Property employee volunteer. To promote intergenerational dialogue and put their Design Thinking skills to practice, students were encouraged to have conversations with their grandparents to better understand and empathise with the needs of the elderly. The students then applied creativity to develop their prototypes in July, before their submissions were carefully reviewed and debated by a panel of judges in August.

More than 100 students from Edgefield Primary School, Yumin Primary School, Orchid Park Secondary, Pei Hwa Secondary School, and Westwood Secondary School participated in Inclusive Spaces. They were supported by 20 youth mentors from the Singapore University of Technology and Temasek Polytechnic, specifically chosen for their training and academic background in design.

Providing real life perspectives on areas for improvement in the built environment were 25 active seniors aged between 60 to 75 years old. They were identified from ACE Seniors, Singapore Anglican Community Services, TOUCH Community Services, People's Association, Lions Befrienders and Council for Third Age.

About 20 volunteers from Frasers Property were each tagged to student teams to offer practical advice during the ideation process to ensure the feasibility of prototypes.

Members of the judging panel include:

  1. Mr Chia Khong Shoong, Group Chief Corporate Officer, Frasers Property Limited
  2. Mrs Madhu Verma, Founder, Design for Change Singapore
  3. Mr Tony Soh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
  4. Dr Tan Bee Wan, Executive Chairman of ACE Seniors & Integrative Learning Corporation Singapore
  5. Professor Richard Ho, Professor in Practice, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore,
  6. Mr Ho Han Peng, Associate Director, Lien Centre for Social Innovation

The virtual event provided a platform for the seniors and students to share and exchange insights on their ideas, demonstrating how these conversations have created greater understanding between generations.

Mr Tony Soh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, said: "It is a great honour for me to serve as a judge in this year's Inclusive Spaces organised by Frasers Property. The creativity and teamwork shown by the teams were most impressive. It warms my heart to see our youths engaging seniors as part of the co-creation process. With deeper empathy, the youths were able to create new ideas that foster inter-generational interaction and understanding. My heartiest congratulations to all teams for their excellent efforts. And a special thanks to Frasers Property for being a role model as a Company of Good in inspiring our youths to work creatively and collaboratively with seniors to serve the wider community."

One of the senior participants, Ms Ong Huay Siang, said: "Inclusive Spaces is a meaningful and unique programme, as it allows active seniors to share with the younger generation our thoughts on the kind of spaces and programmes that we would like to see in the community. As an active volunteer myself who is involved in wellness sessions for seniors and engaged in school mentoring, it is encouraging to have companies such as Frasers Property do more to bring both seniors and youth together to facilitate better understanding and exchange of ideas."

The three winning teams, respectively from Edgefield Primary School, Westwood Secondary School, and Yumin Primary School, were recognised for their innovative solutions that looked at enhancing the physical and mental health of the seniors as well as promoting community integration across multiple generations. Winning teams walked away with a team trophy each with the students receiving a guided experience


workshop to create their own terrarium. To recognise winning teams, and the three supporting finalists from Yumin Primary School and Orchid Park Secondary School, all six prototypes were showcased at the event.

Daily Living

The top idea in this category was a "tech bench cum interactive table" by Edgefield Primary School, aimed at enhancing seniors' digital awareness as well as solve technology challenges. The solution involves placing a brightly coloured bench at a retail mall to enable seniors to seek assistance they may need for their electronic devices and mobile applications. This table could be equipped with a bell counter, reading materials, power sockets and even a tablet to highlight interesting social programmes and services at a mall. Students could sign up to volunteer and render community service by assisting seniors.

Mental Well-being

To provide an avenue for active, retired seniors to make good use of their time, contribute to society and have a sense of purpose in their life, the team from Yumin Primary School put together the concept of a "Forever Young Club", which can be located at a mall or residential property such as a condominium. This recreational space helps keep minds active by providing an inclusive space for active seniors to read books, share life stories with young children, organise talent shows to showcase their skills and experience, and a collective 'babysitting' service by engaging young children over games.

Social Living

Westwood Secondary School offered the idea of integrating green spaces into properties, with accessible facilities for seniors to rest, relax and interact with the community through activities, games and exercises. Named the "Neutral Storm Village", their proposed space supports social networks and includes a greenhouse for social farming lessons and gardening activities, and recreational zones for movie screening, video gaming, and rest. It also houses a cosy library where seniors can enjoy a scenic and relaxing view of a waterfall conducive for storytelling sessions.

Please refer to Annex for details on the entries by winners and shortlisted finalists, including quotes by winning teams.

To share learnings and provide its contribution to the industry and society, Frasers Property also launched its Inclusive Spaces social impact microsite today. This freely available digital resource is intended to promote greater inclusion in the built environment. It includes research on active ageing in Singapore, ideas and solutions generated by the top six teams, wider details on the initiative and its process. To learn more about Inclusive Spaces, please visit the microsite at


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Daily Living category: Tech bench cum interactive table

Team Name: Bubble

School: Edgefield Primary School

Mentor: Hoh Sheng Cong Kenny

Students: Koh Yi-Pan, Ignatius Edmund, Johanna Jerald, Nur Rasyiqah Binte Rudy Gurnawan, See Le Min Phoebe, Chew Jing Kat Cayden

Quote: "We learned a lot from engaging with seniors. We realised they also want to lead healthy, active lifestyles and not be cooped up at home. They have a yearning to interact with younger people, too. We built our confidence by interacting with them more often. We learned how to empathise with seniors in their daily situations, and through our discussions, we came up with solutions to help them overcome their fears for electronic devices and use of apps."

Problem: After an in-depth interview session with a senior participant, the team understood that some of her peers are concerned about using technical devices and apps. The senior would like to go to a mall to seek help from volunteers who could aid her in navigating through different technologies and mobile applications.

Solution: The team prototyped a "tech bench cum interactive table" where it could be placed in cosy cafes or malls that seniors might frequent. Its prototype made up of straw and corrugated board is a mock-up of a café setting. There are charging outlets and in-trays integrated into the tech bench for seniors to place their reading materials. The bench is cushioned for them to sit comfortably. Located at the corner of this bench is a switch to serve as a helpline point. The colour of the bench is bright yellow so that they can be easily spotted in a café or a space in the mall.

Students who want to volunteer as "tech advisors" to these seniors can register with the café or mall operator. A tablet could be installed at the tech benches to allow seniors to discover interesting programmes or services available at malls. This may encourage such seniors to patronise these cafes and malls more often, thus making such places more vibrant and inclusive for active seniors too.

Mental Well-being category: A place to feel alive

Team Name: Secret Cake

School: Yumin Primary School

Mentor: Jayati Parwani

Students: Janelle Tan, Fadiah Nabilah, Aslam Syariq, Aria Gobindram


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