FuelCell Energy, Inc. announced that its carbonate fuel cell technology will be used in a biogeneration project developed by Ameresco for the Sacramento Area Sewer District (Sacramento Sewer) to convert on-site biofuel into clean electricity. One of the company?s 2.8-Megawatt carbonate fuel cell platforms, which produces power and useful heat from biogas and has the potential for future production of renewable green hydrogen, will be deployed on the project. The company also said that it has entered an agreement to provide comprehensive maintenance services for the fuel cell system, which will ensure that Sacramento Sewer can focus on its mission of protecting public health and the environment while delivering renewable power from the cleanest technology available.

FuelCell Energy platforms use an electrochemical reaction to create clean energy, rather than combustion, which has multiple benefits. The system runs directly on on-site biogas from the wastewater treatment process, without costly upgrading to pipeline quality gas, or the costly pipeline build out to connect that gas to a common carrier pipeline to produce clean power. FuelCell Energy?s proprietary fuel clean-up system removes siloxanes and sulfur compounds to maximize usable on-site biogas.

Waste heat generated by the fuel cell will be used to support the anaerobic digestion process, which helps to break down the decomposing materials that create biogas. The fuel cell's chemical reaction is virtually free of NOx, SOx, and particulate matter emissions, which improves air quality for the community.