October 16, 2023

Fuji Seal International, Inc.

Notice Concerning Damage Caused by Ransomware and Recovery Status of Our U.S. Based Group Companies

Fuji Seal International, Inc. addresses the damage caused by a ransomware virus attack which occurred at our group companies in the United States (American Fuji Seal, Inc. and American Fuji Technical Services, Inc., hereinafter referred to as "AFS") and its recovery status.

Once the anomaly was detected, AFS with the assistance of a local security consulting firm, immediately began working to contain, restore, and investigate the damage, and has completed the restoration of the affected servers.

We deeply apologize to our customers, business partners, and related parties for any inconvenience or concern this attack may have caused, and for the time it has taken to investigate the matter.

(Background and findings of the investigation)

AFS detected an anomaly on one of its servers in the early morning of Friday, August 30, 2023. AFS immediately began to assess the situation and implement countermeasures which confirmed that the system anomaly was caused by a ransomware attack.

AFS then proceeded with restoration measures to resume normal production activities. In parallel with these actions, AFS requested the assistance of an external security consulting firm to contain, restore, and investigate the damage. As a result, AFS has, to date, implemented appropriate countermeasures against similar ransomware attacks and completed the restoration of the affected servers.

In addition, AFS has reviewed and analyzed the information and data that may have been leaked as a result of the damage caused by the ransomware. It has been confirmed that the information that may have been leaked is personal information pertaining to AFS employees. At this time, AFS has not found any information concerning AFS's customers or business partners which could have been leaked outside the company.

In relation to the damage caused by this ransomware, apart from the Americas region, similar damage or cyberattacks in the Fuji Seal Group (Japan, Europe, and ASEAN) have not been identified.

(Future actions and prevention countermeasures)

AFS has notified those possibly affected by the leakage of personal information resulting from this attack and is taking appropriate actions, as well as filing a report with the relevant authorities. We also plan to review and strengthen the IT security of not only AFS but also all Group companies in order to prevent the recurrence of ransomware attacks.



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