Garofalo Health Care S.p.A. (BIT:GHC) agreed to acquire assets of Aurelia 80 S.p.A. for ?47 million on July 28, 2023. Specifically, the transaction involves the acquisition of the accredited private facility Aurelia Hospital and the shareholdings held by Aurelia 80 in 3 other accredited private healthcare facilities (European Hospital, Hospice S. Antonio da Padova and Struttura Residenziale Psichiatrica Samadi), located in Rome. The acquisition also includes the instrumental Real Estate assets of the healthcare facilities (with the exception of the Hospice S. Antonio da Padova), for a total area of approx.32,000sqm to which to add a building area of over 2,000sqm which will be used for the realization of the "Cardiovascular Heart Center" at the Aurelia Hospital.

The acquisition will be financed with own resources and with recourse to bank debt, as GHC has the availability of a credit line for new acquisitions granted to the Group in 2021 by a pool of leading national banks. The closing of the transaction, expected by the autumn of the current year, is subject to the occurrence of the usual conditions precedent for this type of transactions.